Why Joy Is Inexpressible

I’ve been a Christian for over thirty years now but I am still learning who God is, what His plans are for my life and also, for all humankind. I can’t even begin to contemplate His plans for the universe He created and whatever, may lie beyond that creation. Simply put, I am small and God is beyond my comprehension. The more I know of Him, the better I understand my own ignorance. Yet, what I am able to know fills me to overflowing, with a feeling that is more than an emotion of happiness. I am unable to truly express this feeling that is more than a feeling and I must settle for meagerly expressing it as joy.

The joy my faith in Jesus blesses me with, can’t be destroyed by pain, sorrow, or grief. Bitterness can’t establish itself in the face of joy. That doesn’t mean I don’t experience pain or get angry when offended, I do. I am a human being. However, whatever suffering I endure, in the end, produces more joy as God demonstrates His faithfulness to me in guiding me through every situation.  Whatever is set against me with the possibility of personal destruction only, serves to make me stronger in my faith.  This experience of joy in my life is also, beyond my ability to fully comprehend or express.

The greatest blessing of faith in Jesus is that I’m not required to fully understand God. There are no degrees to be earned, in order to become a practicing follower of Christ. What I do understand, I am required to obey; but obedience to Jesus isn’t a burden.  Obedience in Christ is true freedom.  By it, my capacity for experiencing the joy of knowing Jesus is greatly increased. Joy is living daily, in the presence of God, while enjoying the kind of fellowship that needs very few words. Jesus lives in me and I live in Him. Nothing can change that fact and therefore, there is nothing that can destroy my joy. The best expression of the joy I have in knowing Jesus is simply, to live it…and enjoy!

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