The Joy in Overcoming Evil with Good

There really is joy in serving Jesus and there is great joy in learning to overcome evil with good.  Jesus teaches us to love our enemies.  He says we are to pray for them and bless them. This is a shocking idea that goes against human nature. It is normal and natural to defend one’s self against an enemy, by returning evil with an even greater evil; or by doing what is natural to me, running away and hiding. No one wants to live under a threat to their well-being and the idea of giving our enemy what he doesn’t deserve , hurts  human pride and could also, be downright dangerous!  From the human perspective, this teaching makes no sense at all. Understanding the principle of overcoming evil with good, comes by viewing it from God’s perspective; the perspective that is available to all who believe and follow Jesus.

It is easy to misunderstand the intended outcome of Jesus’ command “to love your enemies”. For many years I accepted the common notion that if I loved someone, no matter what they did to me, love would eventually, change them. My life’s experience has taught me otherwise. Sometimes, love does make a difference in someone’s life but only if their hearts are open to receiving love. There are people in this world with hearts so hardened by evil that they have closed themselves off to love and are immune to it.  Even though such people seem to be beyond hope and aren’t likely to change no matter how well I treat them, I’m still commanded to love them. By doing so, I am changed. When I make the choice to retaliate against my enemy, I have become more like my enemy. When I choose to love my enemy, I am becoming more like Jesus. God is working in my life to transform me, not those enemies who choose to deny Him.

Only those who belong to Jesus can rightly understand His teachings because they are from God’s perspective. The Bible must be spiritually discerned because God is Spirit. Jesus’ teachings are for the good of those who belong to Him and have been spiritually reborn through faith in Him.  When I choose to obey Jesus, by loving and blessing my enemies, I receive the greater blessing.  My enemy may enjoy some temporary benefit by my obedient action but the benefit I receive is of eternal value. When I obey Jesus, the enemy finds no foothold in me. I experience transformation and become more of the woman I am intended to be; by becoming more like Jesus I also, become more Pam. There is no joy like the joy of overcoming the evil that threatens to destroy me from within, by the power of goodness.  Even though my enemies without continue to commit evil against me, I have the victory. Even if an enemy should kill me, I will not die because my life is hidden in Christ; and no one can remove me from God’s hand. I need not fear my enemies because there is no safer place to be than in Jesus. When God is for me, no one can stand against me and God is on my side, when I submit to Christ.

I experience joy when the evil in me is subdued through obedience to Christ Jesus. It is a taste of what it will be like when I no longer have to battle the evil within me. I also, look forward to the day when evil is vanquished, as every knee bends and every tongue confesses Jesus as Lord.  All enemies will vanish! That day will be the fulfillment of joy!


5 thoughts on “The Joy in Overcoming Evil with Good

  1. Hello Joy! I loved your post. I enjoyed all three of your articles, but I especially like this one. I hope your new blog does well and meets your objectives. I will be watching! ~Tim Chastain

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  2. This is beautiful.

    The Bible tells us that God is love. In other words, love isn’t just something God does or approves of, love is Who God is! I have found that when I am staying close to the Lord’s loving Spirit, abiding in the vine, I can’t help but be loving — even toward my enemies. Love flows through me as easily and naturally as the air that I breathe flows into my lungs. It isn’t me doing the loving, it is Christ’s Holy Spirit living within me doing the loving.

    But when I drift away from the Lord and let my sinful fleshly nature have its way, the love in me withers and dies, because I have cut myself off from the only source of genuine love. I am so grateful that the Lord Jesus is always waiting to welcome me with open arms when I repent and turn back to Him — because nothing can separate us from His love!

    When I abide in God’s Holy Spirit of Love, I can’t help but feel love and compassion for my enemies, even when they hurt me. I can set healthy boundaries for myself and when necessary I can walk away and shake the dust from my feet to protect myself and others when they persist in their hurtful ways, because submitting to evil abuse is not good for anyone, not even for the abusers. I can hate their sin, as I know God does, but I cannot hate them when His Holy Spirit is flooding my heart.


    1. Good Morning Alaina, I happy the words inspired in me inspired you also. I agree, when we depend on God we are enabled to do those things that aren’t natural to us, even love those we don’t like very much.;0) Have a happy holiday! Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

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      1. Good morning and thank you for following my little blog. I am not following any blogs right now because I was spending way too many hours a day reading blogs and neglecting a project that I urgently need to finish. But I have a few favorites bookmarked that I check in on when I’ve earned a little break. Lucky Otter’s Haven is one. That’s how I found your new blog, through your recent comments on Lauren’s blog.

        It’s great to see you again! I remember you from your guest posts and comments on Darlene O’s blog that I followed a few years back. Your words always resonated with me. I believe I was using my Twitter name, Lady Quixote, at the time. There has been a lot of learning and growing in my life since then. I am now a great-grandmother, for one thing. And still a young girl at heart.

        Have a happy holiday. 🙂

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