The Joy in Writing about Jesus

I love to write and though I enjoy writing about many subjects, I like writing about Jesus best. He is my closest friend and my hope in writing is to introduce Him to others, who need such a friend. He inspires, encourages, and comforts, like no other.  He’s always available when I need Him and the quality of His friendship never wavers. Jesus always meets me in the nitty-gritty of life and leads me to a better place. No matter what kind of mistakes I make, or how often I repeat them, Jesus never gives up on me. When I suffer, He understands because He suffered while living in this world too. In Jesus, I find validation and never judgment.  Jesus doesn’t criticize and weigh me down with my faults; He admonishes, encourages, and edifies me. By knowing Jesus, I’ve become a better version of myself. The acceptance He’s given me has taught me to accept myself and love myself, in the same way He loves me. Jesus loves me so much that He gave His life to save mine.  He reached out to me personally, when I was at my most hopeless point in life and very unlovable, to save my life. He did this when all others, including myself, were through with me. He revealed Himself to me, washed me, clothed me in white, and gave me a new life with purpose.

I write about Jesus because it gives me great joy.  When I write about Jesus, with the intent of giving others hope and inspiration, I also, receive hope and inspiration. As I sit down in His presence to write, the Holy Spirit speaks to me and gives me the words I need to hear, as I share them with all who may need to read what Jesus whispers in my ear.

I write because I am compelled to write and share the most powerful experience of my life, my relationship with Jesus, who not only saved my life but also, took me in and made me a part of His family. His Father is now, my Father too. He is the dad I’ve always needed and His children are all my brothers and sisters. Jesus meets all of my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. He does the same for all who become a part of His family.

Jesus is my joy, my hope, my life, and my all. The words I write are an expression of the love He’s given me that I give back to Him, and offer to all, who might choose to believe.

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