The Joy of Jesus in Children

I touch my grandson’s glowing face and when I look into his eyes, I see Jesus. His innocence and his lack of pretense are the characteristics of living truth. The light that sparkles and flickers from within those bright blue orbs is the glow of self-existence, the reflection of the great I am. I feel his unique, pure essence and marvel at this rare treasure that God has placed in my temporary care. I tremble.  I remember the day I first held his father, in same utter amazement; but with much less understanding of my intended purpose, as mother. Parenting was the grand experiment of my life. I entered into it expecting to mold the small person I once carried inside me and then, held in my arms but by parenting, I was re-molded.  Though my adult children will have to undo many of my parenting mistakes, as they learn to parent themselves, nothing they taught me will ever need be undone.

My children, including my grandchildren, are the joy of my life. They are the blessing and sometimes, the blessing disguised as a curse that has brought me closer to God than any other experience in my life. Through them God gives me His perspective on myself and a better understanding of the power of the parent-child relationship. Through my children, God has taught me to love more unconditionally than I could ever learn to love, without them. Raising my children taught me my strengths and my limits. By the sacrifices I’ve made for them, I’ve been humbled.  By balancing myself between my overwhelming desire to protect them and at the same time, allow them their free choice, (along with the consequences of them) I’ve come to know the suffering God has endured, as a consequence of my sin. Longsuffering is the long-term commitment of a loving parent to their beloved child. When my children suffer, even by their mistakes, I suffer too. I will suffer with them and for them, until their suffering ends. When they are doing well and are happy, I rejoice! I release them, in love, and as they live their lives, I wait for them to return, in hopes of happy reunion.

In the eyes of children I see Jesus and caring for them re-shapes my inner woman, making me more like Him.

Take time to care for the children God places in your life and be blessed, as your heart overflows with eternal joy.

“As you do for the least of these among you, you do also, for me.” ~~~Jesus~~~~


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