Joy in the Sea of Me!

Joy went down!

She can’t be found!

Dead and drowned,

She’s lying on the bottom,

The very bottom,

Of the Sea of Me!


Beneath the deep, the very deep

Dark-deep stormy waters of I,

That’s where Joy died;

Swept away by selfish waves,

Caught in the undertow of I:

I want, I need, I must have!

I will! I won’t! I hurt! I hate!

And I don’t care!

I, I, I, I, I!


Yes, Joy went down!

She can’t be found!

She’s dead and drowned,

She’s lying on the bottom,

The very bottom,

Of the Sea of Me!

Joy Rises!

Evil crawls and creeps,

(Undercover of Denial)

It never sleeps;


Into damaged hearts,

Sin seeps;

Then Malice begins its prowl;

Fierce Predator, Mighty beast!

Innocent prey, now deceived,


As still Evil crawls and creeps,

With prey locked in talon claws,

Toward death’s long sleep,

(Undercover of Denial)


Truth shines and Joy rises!

(Revealed by Holy Light)

The powerful Name, Jesus!

Shines with Eternal Life,


Sin-dead hearts awake!

Brilliant Hope that faith prizes,

Drives Sin’s shadowy-deep away;

Once night-time predator,

Now beloved,

Child of the day!

Eternal Truth with Joy forever rises!

Once pride-hard hearts now, bend knee and pray,

(Revealed by Holy Light)



Righteous Jesus and the Anointing of Joy!

Holy Ancient Words,


Everything I am not;


In the perfection of

The Great I am.



This is who and what

I truly am.

Utter Hopelessness!


Jesus is revealed!

Eyes are opened,

And Healed;

Now perceive by



Offered freely,

In Jesus!


Sin-Hard- Heart,

Opens wide,

Holy Spirit rushes in,

This act of perfect love,

Imparts, Jesus’ Righteousness!



Everything I am not

Completed within

The Great I Am,

In Jesus,

Who by His Righteous suffering,

Received the Sacred Anointing,










Joy along the River of Lost Souls

I step outside to greet the birds living in my Cottonwoods and allow the quiet of Sunday morning to settle in. I look up into the clouds, looking for Jesus; but all I see are the clouds. “It’s getting harder for me to stay here Lord! Some days there seems to be no place for me. I don’t belong anywhere! The air-conditioning at church makes me hurt, it’s a lot of work to bundle up for it, and even then, I feel sick afterwards. I also, don’t know if you still want me in this church. I think they are headed in the wrong direction. I can’t follow where they are leading. I’m confused, Lord.” A gentle gust of warm wind brushes my face, as it rustles my nightgown and I hear my beloved New Mexico hills calling my name. I hear in my spirit, “Go, it is okay; go!”

My husband cooks breakfast, we eat and then, we dress and pack water and snacks, as we prepare to leave the Animas River Valley; dubbed “Animas, the river of lost souls” by Catholic Spaniards centuries ago. They chose this name in reference to the ancient pueblo natives who founded my home town; centuries before the Spaniards arrived to conquer and enslave them. Added centuries later, after the Spaniards lost power, northern Europeans named my town, “Aztec” because the ruins of their city reminded them of that great tribe. These ruins are Aztec’s claim to fame and we remember the ancient ones with reverence.

Packed in the car, my husband and I look forward to giving the landscape kaleidoscope of the Four Corners a spin. We head south and turn up out of our valley of lost souls onto the “Damn Road” leading to Navajo Lake; which everyone says is filled to the spillway! New Mexico is blessed with rain this year, our cup runs over and when water comes to the desert, desert-dwellers have to get out to witness and celebrate! In my mind, I anticipate rolling hills covered with Cedar and Pinyon amidst normally grey grass turned green, stretching for hundreds of miles. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken this route and soon, anticipation turns to shock when I see my remembered empty hills dotted with houses and mobile homes. I try not to be disappointed and focus instead on familiar landmarks; giant mesa bluffs at the edge of the Northwestern Plateau, Angel Peak, and Shiprock in the far distance, all in varying shades of blue. Soon, we arrive at Navajo and it is full to the brim with water; and people. So much water looks out-of-place in the desert canyons that it gorges but it is necessary to feed the slick, characterless, global village that is swallowing mi Nuevo Mexico; as it swallows the whole world… I frown and say a silent prayer, asking for solar flares. God is good not to answer all my prayers and also, to correct me when the attitude of my prayers is wrong.

We turn northward, to visit our neighbor Colorado. Soon, we climb to seven thousand feet and the view is entirely changed. Deep green plateau with the La Plattas rising to the west and the fourteen-thousand-foot peaks of the Needles sitting on the northeastern horizon. In this place also, there is more evidence of humans than there used to be and it isn’t (in my mind) an improvement. The contrast between what God has made and how human beings try to ‘improve’ it, takes my mind back to church. I mean really, what is needed for worship pleasing to God except a Bible, a joyful song in the heart, and praise on the lips! When will people accept God’s Will, stop imagining themselves as gods, and stop ruining everything by adding more than what is needed?

As we drive, my long-time, hard working husband begins to reminisce and point out all of the houses he has helped build. I also, am reminiscing as we travel through this land that’s been our home for so long. In thirty-plus-years, we’ve changed a great deal too and we helped build this ever-expanding community that I want to remain small and simple. Though my heart yearns for a better world than the world built by people, a perfect world created by God with human beings in harmony, the world of men is in me too and no matter where I run, it goes with me. My belly is full and I have a roof over my head because all these people fell in love with this land too. I see myself as I am; a human being, a hypocrite who criticizes my brothers and sisters for doing what I hate but also, do.

From Durango, we head down the Animas River Valley back home and God calls my attention once again, to the great landmarks. The high mesas, the mountains, and mighty rock formations, that no one will ever be able to build on; and thus, He reminds me to spiritually, focus on Jesus the mightiest landmark of all; while people fill up the valleys by doing the things people do. My confusion lifts and I relax because my Father is in control and this beautiful planet that I love is His world. The church belongs to Him too. The One who controls the tides of the oceans and turns the deserts green can also, control the evil tide of human beings; and He will. All that is required of me is to walk in obedience with my eyes locked upon Jesus and wait on God to complete His plan; as I pray for my brothers and sisters who are hypocrites like me.

I get out of the car and look up and still, there are only clouds; but with returned peace in my heart, I will patiently wait for Christ’s promised return. I enter mi casa beside the Animas and with joy, I settle in to write words lifting Jesus so all who are drifting and drowning in the common river of lost souls, might see Jesus, reach for Him, and live!


Joy for Today’s Mary Magdalene’s

China-doll paint sultrifies the little-girl-face beneath layers of makeup no child should wear. Neither mask is a right representation of the shattered child that lives within. With one last look in the mirror to make sure her night work costume is right, Mary reaches for the most important part of her pre-work routine; knowing that without it she couldn’t do the kind of work required of her. This small bag of white dope, her one treasure, is the only thing in life that she looks forward to. The ritual of powder in spoon, adding just the right amount of water, and cooking up the witch’s brew, comforts her in daily repetition; with its promised relief from pain, the one true thing she can count on. Anticipation rises as the dark-brown fluid fills the syringe and Mary trembles as she lightly thumps bubbles upward and squeezes the plunger to let the air out. Expertly, she wraps red-silk-sash tightly around her upper arm and inserts the needle in her favorite vein. She pulls back the plunger, watches it fill with blood, and assured of hitting the mark, she pushes the plunger in. Releasing the sash, she melts in ecstasy and total relief.

These few moments of escape from grim reality are the only Heaven Mary believes she will ever taste or deserve. Mixed with drug-induced dreaming, shards of reality sift in and Mary drifts back to remember the day when her child’s world was smashed and the dark settled in. Mary is only seventeen and though her initial shattering took place three years ago, those three years stretch long with the trauma of a lifetime. The child Mary was at fourteen died suddenly, in a distant time and lays buried deep in memories, covered by filth. Mary doesn’t mourn for her. She hates her and chides her! Mary believed what her mother said and knew she’d gotten what she deserved. She shouldn’t have done whatever she did that invited her mother’s boyfriend into her bedroom. She shouldn’t have frozen in fear. She should have screamed! She should have fought! There must have been something she could have done! How could she be so dumb? So bad? Mary’s mother told her she was born to be a whore and no whore was going to live in her house! Mary found herself on the street, with no where to go. She had no money, no food, and nowhere to sleep. Mary was small back then, alone, and afraid. Mary was still alone and afraid, everyday.

Cold night settled in on that distant day, as Mary huddled on a park bench shivering in fear. Like an angel from Heaven, he appeared with kind words and easily, gained desperate Mary’s trust. With flattery and promises of care and protection the man lured her into a world no childlike mind can conceive or mentally handle. On that frigid ink-black night, Mary stopped being a child and became a commodity. The life her mother predestined for her by her words and actions came to pass. Mary became a whore, even though she was still just a child. No longer part of the world of decent human beings, Mary found herself being sold daily as an object of sexual abuse. Mary was no longer regarded as human. Mary became a sex-toy. In the confusion of her new life, the one thing she knew for certain was that it was her fault. After all, if the police came, she would be the one sent to jail. While the influential men who bought and used her, were kept safe and sent home to their wives. Mary could see how bad she was in the condemning stares of people on the street; especially the women. They looked at her with the same disdainful eyes belonging to her mother. She was lucky the man gave her food and a place to sleep. He was right, he was good and she was undeserving and inherently, bad. The things he taught her that pleased he and the other men twisted her princess-meets-prince fantasies and hopes of true love into personal degradation. Mary quickly learned to despise men. Her heart filled with inexpressible hatred. She wanted to hurt men in the same way that she hurt and it wasn’t long before she became adept at taking them for all they were worth. Bitten at fourteen, Mary at seventeen dreamed of becoming Queen of the Vampires. There was no other dream possible for her.

On a night that seemed like any other night, Mary’s life took a different turn. She sat down on the same park bench where her fate was sealed three years ago and on that bench, Mary found a pocket-sized Bible. She looked around asking for the owner but no one came forward to claim it. Mary didn’t know anything about religion but she knew for certain that she was a sinner too sinful for a holy God! That little book wouldn’t likely do her any good. However, the small book was bound in leather, with pages tipped in gold, and it might be worth something. Mary tucked the Bible in her purse.

Several days later, Mary rediscovered the Bible she’d forgotten about, when she was cleaning out her purse. Curiosity drew her in and she began reading. Mary was shocked and caught her breath, as she read of another Mary who was also, a prostitute. “In this Holy book?” she asked herself. Mary Magdalene was a woman of sin, just like Mary and Jesus loved her! Jesus loved her when the rest of the world despised her and Jesus changed Mary Magdalene’s life. She became one of his most devout and closest followers. Mary began to cry as suddenly, a rush like warm wind enveloped her in love. Mary fell to her knees in response, as words not of herself came pouring from her lips. “Jesus, save me as you saved this other Mary! Please, save me Jesus! Please take away my sin!” Mary fell into a heap of happy tears and then into a peaceful sleep. In her dreams, Jesus came and wrapped her in a new white robe. In His kind voice He said, “Mary, I’ve called you from a life of great tribulation to walk with me in a new way of life unlike, the only life you’ve known. This white robe is your dignity, stolen when you were only a child, and I’m returning that dignity to you. Follow me and leave your old world behind.”

When Mary woke up, nothing had changed but everything was different. Mary wasn’t the same. Mary was loved and she knew it. Mary was no longer alone and her old life changed because her new life was directed by God; and He opened the doors that allowed Mary to escape her life of degradation. Through faith, Mary received strength to change old habits and build a different life. Just like Mary Magdalene, she loved Jesus with unquenchable devotion and never looked back with longing on her old life of sin. Protected by her Heavenly Father, Mary became the lady she was intended to be. With her old life of sorrowful degradation behind her, Mary lives a new life characterized by joy! With Jesus living within her, the dark things of her past brought into the light became a light and it shines as a beacon to all other Mary Magdalene’s

Do You Hear Joy Crying?

Joy sings in recognition of truth, love, grace, mercy, and peace. All the spiritual fruits that are of God, by God, and pleasing to God, cause joy to sing praise, even in the midst of sickness and sorrow. Joy is the proper attitude for enduring hardships common in life but joy is not a manic state. Those with joy in Jesus are still susceptible to experiencing pain and all that is against God, in the form of sin causes those with joy, to weep. Of all the sins that cause joy to cry, nothing brings tears more quickly than the sins committed by adults against children. Child abuse turns joy to mournful wailing and the nation who ignores her grieving is sure to fall.

Sin brings joy to tears because there is no joy in human degradation and death. There is no more right expression of self-loathing-degradation than the devaluing of children. Millions of unborn children are sacrificed every year, on the altar of free-sex-without-consequence, by abortion used as a method of birth control. Then their parts are sold and haggled over for adults to cosmetically and medically consume. While living, breathing children are neglected and abused so their parents can pursue pleasure, fortune, and power. Everyday, children are bought and sold to be used for the sexual pleasure of wealthy, powerful adults. No Pagan culture of the past outstripped the cruelty endured by children living in our secular culture, today. Children living in this present era are experiencing a holocaust against them that is mostly, ignored. No one has time for children or their problems (except the friendly, neighborhood pedophile). Even those who hold Christian traditions often neglect to honor their children by treating them with the love and respect that is their Biblical, inherent right; in complete disregard of the value Jesus places upon children, too many of us fail in giving children the protection, nurture, and guidance they require and shamefully, even spiritual training is sometimes, used as a vehicle of abuse. Though laws are written to protect children from abuse, children aren’t considered valuable enough to justify the expense of enforcing those laws and thereby, protect their legal rights. Though in God’s eyes, they are as valuable as any adult and even the U.S. Constitution states that all are “created equal”, the hard truth is that children must earn equality first, by surviving whatever their childhood may be and become an adult, before their personal rights are seriously considered. A society that dishonors and devalues its children possesses no lasting honor or value and is under God’s judgment. Dire consequences wait in the wings when a culture ceases to protect those who are weak. There is no hope for a nation or a world that tolerates the slaughter of unborn children, conceived at an inconvenient time and also, tolerates the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children outside of the womb. Without hope, there is no joy and prosperity with the pleasures it brings, will vanish; as negligence and abuse fills society with troubled children and broken adults. God’s judgment falls first, in the natural consequences of sin.

There is a way to break this cycle and as always, the right pattern to follow is found in the person of Jesus. Jesus valued children so highly as to state that the Kingdom of God will be populated by people like them and if we can’t accept the reality of that Kingdom in the same way that a child does, we can’t enter it. The innocence of a child is treasured by God and those of us who love God, ought to also, hold it in high esteem. The cruelty of abuse destroys not only childish innocence but crushes the spirit of a child. Whether the abuse is physical, sexual, or emotional the lasting effect is the same. When a child’s innocence is murdered, that child is no longer a child but a small adult-too-soon. Every child inside or outside the womb should be allowed to live out their childhood, while being loved and nurtured. These are very basic rights that should not be denied. Children aren’t possessions or commodities; they are persons with value equal to that of any adult. Those of us who love Jesus must do as Jesus did and take time for children. Value them as God values them and don’t hurt them! Those who have a high regard for children must speak out against abuse instead, of turning a blind eye. Children need us to be the kind of salt and light that brings societal shame to bear and convicts the hearts of those who abuse children. It is the only way for Christians to maintain the right attitude of joy while living in a world that condones the debasing of its children.

God bless America? America, bless God by turning back to Him and honoring our children! May judgment be turned away by obedience and God’s merciful intervention; as America returns to goodness and as a nation, we sit once again in the right position to receive God’s blessing. May joyful freedom ring with equality for all! Even with equality for the least powerful of all our citizens.

Do you hear joy crying? Will you heed her mournful warning?


“As you do to the least of these among you, you do also, to me.”~~~~Jesus


Malachi 4:5-6 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”



The Joy of Living to Please God

All society has to offer greets me every morning when I open my Yahoo-page. Everything that people commonly dedicate their lives to and the results of the chase neatly, contained in one computer-screened-window. The glitter and sweet talk of fame, fortune, and non-consequential free-sex call out to lure floundering people in. This dangling of admiration, power, and sensuality is the carrot that sets people on a path of ambition and pleasure-seeking that ends in pain. Human vanity is striving to get what doesn’t deliver and having to let it go because the consequences in the reality of having are too damaging to bear. Fame promises admiration and even, worship but those who become idols must maintain the false image and when the image is sullied, as less admiral human qualities are revealed, then fame’s face comes rightly into focus. Fame isolates, destroys, and degrades its devotees for everyone to see. Fortune offers security and power but personal corruption is the price of acquiring massive treasure. Traveling the path of power and money transforms human beings into monsters. Sensual pleasure promises relief from loneliness and escape from emotional pain but in reality, boundary-less sex along with recreational drug abuse, is self-abuse that leads to personal destruction. The promises and the truth of what the world created by human beings has to offer, before me on my computer screen, is all vainglory. Truly, it seems there is nothing in the world worth living for; and living to please self or to please others who walk these three paths (which all end at the same destination) is pointless.

There is a better way of life than that offered by the world created by men and women. Though this way of life doesn’t tempt through pride, it delivers on all that it promises. Jesus is the Way to a joyful, abundant life and though its promise doesn’t appeal to the desire for pleasure, wealth, and fame, it is the only way of living that maintains personal integrity. He is the example of where a life lived for God leads and yes, His life on earth ended in sacrificial death but His death was temporary because by His obedience to God, He received eternal life; and He offers the eternal life He paid for by shedding His blood in obedience, to those not capable of doing the same. Because of Jesus, we receive the promise of this better way of living at the beginning of our chosen path; rather than at the end after fulfilling certain mandates. We aren’t required to earn the prize that He earned when He lived only, according to God’s Will, not His own will or the will of others; and died because of that same willing, submission. The only thing required for receiving this gift is belief in Jesus as Savior, with the willingness to turn away from walking the paths of the world to live as Jesus lived, in obedience. When the reality of Jesus settles in, the desire for what the world promises, loses much of its temptation. Though its external luster may still at times be distracting, a better destination beckons to the Holy Spirit living within believers, with the assurance of a better world; where the eternal gift we enjoy in part now, will engulf and replace the world we know today. The narrow path of living to please God is the right-path that fills the believer’s heart with inexpressible joy. It is the road home to a better land where the pretentious lies of humanity don’t sparkle with false-promise but stand in eternity revealed for what they are by ultimate truth. The destination where human vainglory ends, where rewards are eternal and ultimately, beneficial in meeting every human need. This is the completion of the joy found in following Jesus in dedication to pleasing God.


1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

The Joy of Love, Honor, and Obey

I take my husband’s strong, work-worn hand in mine and I am overwhelmed by love, joy, peace, and gratitude. With these dear rough hands, my husband loves me and gives himself for me, like no other person. By these hands, he provides for me, as he provided for the family we created together. He comforts me in sad times and celebrates with me in the good times. He is my best friend, the lasting companion of my life. My husband is there supporting me, no matter what unfolds before us each day. He sees what is best in me and he reinforces what he sees. His encouragement is solid. He knows all my flaws, inside and out and when I hurt him through my sin, he forgives me. Though he loves me with the passion of a man, he also loves me better, with a love that reflects the genuine love of God. My husband’s face is the face of unconditional love and he taught me the right definition of love by his actions. Even though he isn’t faultless, Jesus lives in him by faith and over the years, I’ve witnessed the process of his perfecting by faith and shared in that same process with him. The more he gives of himself to Jesus, the more he has to offer me; and as I submit myself to Jesus, I give myself to him. Our marriage isn’t a perfect marriage but because of Jesus, our marriage is joyful and strong. It is our mutual submission to Christ that has enabled our marriage to last, in Him our union consists. Our household is a household of faith.

I write these words in honor of my husband but also, in praise to God for blessing us with one another. Thirty-eight years is a long time for any human relationship to last and remain loving. I know it isn’t the ceremony we took part in or the license from the government that keeps us together. Though we have a powerful emotional bond, even that connection isn’t enough to maintain our union through all the threats in life that threaten to tear our relationship apart. We remain united on earth until death tears us apart because God put us together. Our marriage is our individual commitment first, to God, one another, our family, and to our community, to live as God ordains. It is our mutual submission to Christ that elevates our relationship to more than just another love affair. In Him our carnal union is made holy and is a living example of the relationship of Jesus Christ with the church. As my husband and I grow together in Christ, our relationship is a precise tool in conforming each of us to the image of Christ Jesus. Our unity isn’t only for us to enjoy, it is an important piece in God’s plan “to bring unity to all things in heaven and earth under Christ.” (Ephesians 1:10b)

Joyfully, I submit to Jesus in my marriage by submitting to my husband and when I stumble by failing to do so, I turn to God and my husband for forgiveness. My husband does the same by turning to God for strength and continuing to sacrifice of himself for my well-being. When we argue, we settle it before we go to sleep. Each of us lives by truth and truth keeps our relationship transparent and working on the things we’d rather not see. We are a team and together, we’ve built many things. My husband is the greatest blessing of my life, my miracle in flesh and blood. Together, we live, laugh, celebrate, fight, cry, and make peace only, to start all over again. I don’t regret one moment of it and I marvel at who we were when all of this began and who we are now. I am better because of him and he is better because of me. True marriage is surely, a work of God! I am thankful to be blessed in a marriage as ordained by God.

Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Joy’s Sister Sorrow

Sorrow lit upon the rail of my balcony in the form of a strange dark bird and suddenly, my average day took a downward turn. Grey clouds, the same deep-grey, blue-to-black hue and texture of the unwanted bird, rolled in to gorge the once crystal sky. Great, swelling clouds of foreboding impregnated my mind as the atmosphere charged with threat. The announcement of my loss came like lightning and with each rolling pound of thunder unwanted reality forced its way in. Then the rain began. First, there were only a few cold, hard drops but those drops drummed faster with each passing moment as the new order settled in. Torrents of water flooded over me and through me, leaving me jeopardized and drowning in a muddy lake of emotional pain. The bird of sorrow opened up to sing with her call echoing my thoughts, “All is lost! All is lost!” Grief took me to my knees and then laid me down. I lay deflated in a heap of agony, overcome by the loss of what that dreadful bird stole from me and the fearful pain left behind to haunt in the void. In a single moment, the blessings I took for granted were gone! I and my life completely and forever changed because of that nasty bird sorrow and the terrible message she bore on devastating wings.

 Sorrow, the harbinger of death, locked me in iron talons and carried me to the very pit of death. That dark place, apart from the living God, created for those who turn their back on God; those who choose to live by their own devices and not by God’s every word. Death, allowed by God and imposed on life to limit the time human beings may live in this fallen state, is sorrow’s king and the grave, their imminent domain. Sin produces sorrow and all sin ends in death. In my broken state, this place appears as my home but I am not a child of sorrow and death, even though I often sin. I belong to Jesus. In Him, I am forgiven and in Him I hope for all others who also, sin. Sorrow and death are not my permanent state and even when sorrow drags me off to the grave, Jesus doesn’t abandon me there; not even when I despair and think to abandon God. My soul, though heavy with sadness, can’t be held in the grip of death for long. Jesus is faithful to comfort me in my emotional suffering and heal the wounds dealt to me by grief. In Him I rest.

 My eyes open, I rise and stretch. I grab a cup of coffee and head out to my deck and on the railing sits, a pure white dove! Her soft white feathers reflect the new-blue of the morning sky; and her wings sparkle with life! Her coo faintly echoes the sorrowful song of her sister Sorrow and I recognize this peaceful new bird as Sister Joy. The dead place within, warmed by the Holy Spirit, replenished as acceptance soothes my agony. Healing wounds itch and ache but “joy comes in the morning” and I am on the mend. I marvel how Joy and her sister Sorrow work in tandem, under the expert guidance of God, to draw me closer to Jesus and bless me in ways I could never understand without experiencing sorrow, as well as joy. These twin sisters, though not identical, are very much alike and they walk through life hand-in-hand. The point where their hands clasp and join is the birth-place of empathy, compassion, and mercy. The dead place sorrow left in my heart overflowed with life. I turned my eye to look for Joy, in the form of that beautiful dove and suddenly, she takes wing! I watch as she soars high, taking my sad thoughts with her, as I too begin to rise above my wounded state. Though I cannot like Sister Sorrow and I will always miss those she takes from me, I thank God for allowing her into my life. The work of Sister Sorrow creates more room for Sister Joy!

 Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Joy for Those with a Troubled Past

Troubled children grow up to become broken adults. Rebellion is the choice that seems right to a tortured/tormented child but rebellion is destruction invited within. Broken adults carry the trouble from childhood into the present and make decisions based on the faulty preparation for life they received. Some abuse others, while those others abuse themselves and make choices that invite further abuse. Most live by a combination of the extremes. Wrong choices manufacture more trouble and increase personal fragmentation. With every damaging decision the mind grows darker. Thinking infused by chaos turns to distortion and there is no escape. A painful past is relentless in its hounding pursuit. The past can’t be buried alive either and those who try are always discovered as an imposter. The past is part of who people are in the present and pretending to be someone else can’t keep the past hidden for long. Neither is it possible to outrun the consequences of sin. Sin is coupled with death and death badgers those with a troublesome past. No matter how intense the longing for a better life, it remains illusive and there seems to be no way out.

 The only way to repair a shattered life is to be born again and start life anew. True, it’s impossible to be placed again in a mother’s womb and be given a different life; but what is impossible for human beings is possible with God. Guilt and shame from the past is a mortal enemy that must be faced through self-confrontation. A day of reckoning must come for everyone who desires freedom from a distressful past and the consequence of sin. This is the place where Jesus reaches down to those who are no longer strong enough to try to outdistance their past. Jesus is the intense, pure light that beckons to those lost in the ebony night of the soul. He is life to those sickened and spiritually dead from sin. He is the hand reaching down to save. The troubled and broken who reach up and grasp that offered hand, through faith, are rescued. The inner darkness where death dwells with sin is the place where light and life enter to permanently stay. Those who are spiritually dead in sin, rise to live again, as they are spiritually reborn to live a new life. Troubled, broken people now spiritually transformed in Christ, receive a perfect Heavenly Father to protect and guide them, and Jesus (the friend closer than a brother) to teach them the right way to live. Though the earthly consequences of sin may still have to be paid, death no longer hounds those who’ve been spiritually reborn and have received eternal life. Now, they have the power to overcome the destruction of the past, as every dark deed suffered and committed is brought into the light and becomes a light to lead others away from personal destruction. This is the true testimony of Jesus: “I didn’t live the kind of life that made me worthy of saving but when I was utterly lost and valued by no one, God demonstrated His mercy and Jesus saved me.” He will do the same for you and if you reach for the saving arm of Jesus, He will replace the threat of death, you experience as fear, guilt, and shame, with eternal life as your heart is engulfed by joy! He will heal your troubled heart, and mend your broken soul, and even lead you into making peace with your past as the light of His love grows to fill every corner of your being. If you are troubled and broken, worn out from fleeing past mistakes, don’t hesitate to reach back to Jesus, today!