Joy Rises!

Evil crawls and creeps, (Undercover of Denial) It never sleeps; And Into damaged hearts, Sin seeps; Then Malice begins its prowl; Fierce Predator, Mighty beast! Innocent prey, now deceived, Falls! As still Evil crawls and creeps, With prey locked in talon claws, Toward death’s long sleep, (Undercover of Denial)   Truth shines and Joy rises! … More Joy Rises!

Righteous Jesus and the Anointing of Joy!

Holy Ancient Words, Reflect Everything I am not; Mirrored In the perfection of The Great I am.   Sin-Sorrow-Death, This is who and what I truly am. Utter Hopelessness!   Jesus is revealed! Eyes are opened, And Healed; Now perceive by Holy-Spirit-Light, Righteousness, Offered freely, In Jesus!   Sin-Hard- Heart, Opens wide, Holy Spirit rushes … More Righteous Jesus and the Anointing of Joy!

Joy’s Sister Sorrow

Sorrow lit upon the rail of my balcony in the form of a strange dark bird and suddenly, my average day took a downward turn. Grey clouds, the same deep-grey, blue-to-black hue and texture of the unwanted bird, rolled in to gorge the once crystal sky. Great, swelling clouds of foreboding impregnated my mind as … More Joy’s Sister Sorrow

Joy for Those with a Troubled Past

Troubled children grow up to become broken adults. Rebellion is the choice that seems right to a tortured/tormented child but rebellion is destruction invited within. Broken adults carry the trouble from childhood into the present and make decisions based on the faulty preparation for life they received. Some abuse others, while those others abuse themselves … More Joy for Those with a Troubled Past