Joy is God-breathed

Joy is God-breathed. It is a work of God in the hearts of human beings. True joy is received and comes with the filling of the Holy Spirit; when people open their hearts and minds to Jesus and believe. There is no true, eternal joy apart from that filling. All people, at times, experience joy but as human beings are mortal, human joy is temporary. The joy induced, by the Holy Spirit’s filling, is eternal because God is eternal. No matter what happens in life, the joy of believers can’t be destroyed.

John baptized Jesus and when he rose up out of the water, God sent His Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, as a sign that approved of Jesus, the Son of Man, as also, being His Son. The Son He sired by His Holy Spirit. When believers receive Jesus, they too become sons of God, as they are inwardly and spiritually re-sired by the Holy Spirit of God. In them, Jesus is born and believers become new babes in Christ. Our mortal minds and bodies remain the same but the Holy Spirit changes us on the inside; we receive the mind of Christ.  Though outwardly, we remain carnal beings inwardly, we become spiritual, new creations in Christ. Even though our bodies will die, just as the visible world will also someday die, our spirits will live eternally in Jesus. We will never die and the joy we experience is eternal life in Christ. Faith in Jesus changes our status from sons of men to sons of God. The same Holy Spirit that sired and approved Jesus as His Son also, marks and sets apart believers, as God’s adopted children.

Nothing that breathes does so apart from the breath of God. Even those beings that live temporarily, live because God breathes His life into them. When He takes that breath back into Himself, they die. There is no life possible apart from the Living God. He is the God of all who are living, even when He isn’t acknowledged as such. The unique gift that Jesus offers to all people is that which He also, inherited from His Father: the gift of eternal life. It is the Holy Spirit that imparts that gift to us. Upon recognizing God for Who He is and how wanting we are in comparison to Him, the Spirit leads us to reach up to God as He reaches down to us through Jesus. Then we are filled with the Holy Spirit and we receive life that never ends. No matter what we do or what happens to us, God won’t draw back His Holy Spirit and that same Spirit begins the life-long work of transformation in us ( when that work is complete, we will be glorified and like Jesus). Our hearts cry, Daddy! And we continue from that moment, eternally joyful!

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