Hidden Joy is Frustrated Joy

Joy is the tune of the believer’s song of Jesus that soothes, comforts, and strengthens, like no other melody. Joy eases hardship by leading thoughts away from suffering and cheering broken hearts.  Sonnets of joy encourage those who love Jesus and desire to live as He lived. Jesus, the One they follow, the One who lived by His Father’s direction and not by His own choosing, lived a difficult life in this world but Jesus suffered with joy. Without grumbling, He lived to complete the mission His Father planned for Him. Joy is the spirit of true freedom. The freedom from sin that enables a human being to live for God and not for themselves. Only, Jesus enjoyed such freedom and he earned that freedom through actions of complete obedience from the heart and His divine nature. Jesus, alone, had reason in Himself to be joyful. Lovingly, He became our sin and died in total sacrifice, so that we can live and experience true joy. His death freed us from the final consequence of sin and gave us the true hope of being free from sin, in the age to come. Joy in Jesus is transformational freedom, for those who recognize Him for who He is and welcome Him in, through heart-felt belief. Joy is precious and highly valuable. Christian joy is expensive. It is priced at the cost of the blood of the One true Son of God. The precious nature of joy can tempt believers to hide it and keep it for themselves but doing so diminishes the potential of joy and God’s designs for it. Joy is living and joy is relational. When joy isn’t shared with others it sickens in isolation. Frustrated from fulfilling its true purpose it contorts, shrinks, and fades; even though it cannot die. The believer who internally ensconced it becomes rigid in belief and their faith, lifeless. There is nothing sadder than a Christian with no visible joy. To deny joy by keeping it selfishly to one’s self, is to deny God a powerful access to the non-believing world.  It is failure to produce spiritual fruit when God commands it.

Joy is the proper tune set to the believer’s song of Jesus; that old ballad of love, life, freedom, justice, and peace. It should be played in the key of hope. Purposed to give human beings a foretaste of glory, while inspiring believers onward, toward a bright future; A future where the invisible faith that believers in Christ live for, will become manifest. In that Kingdom, all will live in a constant state of joy!

The world is dark and confused today. People need joy, like never before. If you know Jesus and also, experience the joy I write about, please don’t frustrate the purpose of your joy. Let your life be a joyful song of Jesus! Through joy, may Jesus be recognized by those living in darkness as the true light of the world!



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