Joy Rises! There is No Joy Apart from Love

Love is chained, imprisoned and languishing in dark dungeons of hard human hearts. Love lies near death in these joyless persons, whose wrong desires forged their child-hearts into steel.  The actions necessary for actualizing those desires are the bars, chains, and locks that isolate love. Access to joy is denied as greed, envy, and the lust for power fill the void left in its place. These imposters of joy consume the deceived one with the gnawing need of self-hatred. Hounded by unrecognized spiritual hunger and by seeking to satisfy their hunger with the material world, they become liars, thieves, adulterers, murders, and haters of God. By their delusion, they may find temporary reward in conquests but they will not know love or joy, even if they achieve titles of worldly grandeur. By their abuses they infect the world with hatred. Having become immune to love and granite-like in their inner person, the love poured out on them runs off, puddles, and evaporates. Even if God rains His divine love down on them, they remain unchanged. God is Love and there is no true joy apart from God. There is no joy for those who resist Love. Those who live without Love exist in a state of living-death.

God is Love. He is the Father who seeks out His children, lost in the ebony night of wrong desire, even when they are lost because of their choices. His love for His children is unfathomable and he expressed that divine love by sending His Son, the only Child true to Him, as a sacrifice for children unfaithful to Him. Jesus didn’t just teach love, He lived it by obediently and sacrificially, offering His life so we may live! He made the reality of God’s love known by His death and thereby, became the true, divine light of the world. Jesus lived in truth, died in truth, and rose to live in truth, again. He is the Light of ultimate Truth. This Truth is empowered to melt hearts fabricated of steel when His light shines on each one, personally and denial of their condition dispels. Some preferring the cover of darkness, react by squinting their eyes in response to Light, they grimace and shrieking in pain, turn away! By refusing Truth, they harden their hearts further and should they continue to do so, they will die in the awful state of darkness they’ve taught themselves to trust. Still, there are others who will respond to the divine light that is Jesus, by reaching for Him and clinging to Him, in hopes of living and learning to live a better way. By responding to divine love and divine truth, they receive eternal life and their rescue is permanent. The stony obstinacy caused by the sin in their hearts melts away, replacing it with the Love that is God. For the first time, they experience true joy! This is the joy that is inwardly, birthed when God’s Holy Spirit enters the hearts of those who recognize Jesus and believe. These dear children, tossed on the waves of personal sin and retrieved from the most ink-black night, no longer live alone in the dark. The night is past! Joy rises! Those who trust in Jesus leave the night behind as they become joyous, children of the day!

3 thoughts on “Joy Rises! There is No Joy Apart from Love

    1. Thank you. My husband said this one is very intense so, I wondered about it. The painting is intense and I used the paintings to inspire detail in what I want to express. I’ve been writing about spiritual things for a long time but it is still difficult to accurately, describe what can’t be seen.


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