God Joyfully Blesses Us With Nature

I am joyfully blessed to live within a natural masterpiece, mi tierra madre, New Mexico! The high-desert is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of color. At sunrise, the sky lights softly with blues, pinks, and yellow pastels. The landscape wakes slowly and answers by reflecting the radiance of the sky, in tune with the first bird’s song. By noon, color fades to grey beneath a vault of crystal sky, and waits for the clouds to visit to shade and cool the hot ground.  Clouds seldom live long in the clear, dry air. Often, the rain and the sun dance together, turning the atmosphere bright gold! (The same golden light that Coronado saw reflected on adobe walls, when he mistook the pueblos for his famous Seven Cities of Gold.) Sunset is nature’s fiesta muy grande’! The colorful celebration of another beautiful day’s ending! The light fades out, the mesas and mountains shift into deep purple and blue. Night Hawks swoop, soar, and whisper haunting cries, “Speak! Speak!” The planets appear then the stars and the moon. A coyote howls his mournful sound; his brothers’ answer him and happy hunters go yipping into the night. I hear an owl, feel a bat brush past and in the far-distance, a mountain lion screams! I feel small. I am humbled. The joy of wonder washes over me, through me; and I marvel that I too, am a part of this marvelous, living, work-of-art. I am at home. God placed me here and I am integral to this time and place. I am content. In this moment, I know myself and my world as whole.

 I am abundantly, blessed to live in a place so naturally wonderful that I am reminded daily that there is a mighty, powerful, living God! The Master Creator, the only One able to truly, make something from nothing, and make it a majestic wonder! Without one word written or spoken, through His art, He makes Himself known. My heart sings! I rejoice! Before my God, I gratefully kneel…

12 thoughts on “God Joyfully Blesses Us With Nature

    1. That wonderful work through which He expresses and reveals Himself. May those of us who belong to Him express and reveal Him to others by completing the work He gives each of us to do. God bless you, gw!:0)

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  1. What a beautiful land you live in. Gods work at hand. Since coming to know God I have found many things I took for granted in another life. God was working in my life but never knew it, I appreciate Australia more and the country I live. Like you I am lucky to live in beautiful land. Created by God’s beautiful hand.

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    1. Australia is a place I’ve longed to see and have read a lot about. I joke around and tell people that I was raised in the New Mexico Outback.:0) I relate to the simple life I’ve read about in your land. A big landscape goes a long way to keeping my perspective in balance.

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  2. Pam I very much appreciate your expression of Love for our Abba Father, your words touch my heart with Joy because they reflect His Truth.

    God’s creation is awesome but than so is He Awesome with a Capital “A”

    The Godhead or The Trinity as They are called today, as you shared are clearly seen in Creation, they were there in the beginning and are Eternal, how very blessed we are to be God’s greatly Loved Children.

    Blessings – Anne

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  3. In 2003, a few weeks before my 50th birthday, I got in my car and headed for California, intending to celebrate my half century mark by revisiting the Pacific coast area where I was born. But as I traveled from the east coast area to the west, my journey was derailed by the breathtaking beauty of New Mexico.

    I stayed in Albuquerque and celebrated my big 5-0 with a hot air balloon ride over the Rio Grande valley. Then I made the decision to move here, a decision that has proved to be one of the best I’ve ever made. Especially since I met my best friend husband here a few months later.

    One day when I was driving near Corrales, the sky and the landscape turned bright gold, just as you describe. Gold happens to be my favorite color. I was so overcome by the unearthly beauty all around me that I parked my car on the side of the road and thanked God for His glorious creation.

    Although New Mexico has its share of problems, like every other place in this fallen world, the unique beauty of this state is a glorious foretaste of heaven.

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    1. There is the New Mexico God created and then the New Methico created by human beings. It is human beings out of joint with God and our sin that alters everything. I like to think about the Kingdom and try to visualize what it will be like when human beings take our assigned place in the natural order of things, rather than trying to be God.

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