The Joy of New Life

“I missed you Grandma! I love you more than I even know!” My heart melts as I snuggle my little grandson close and in pops big brother, “I want to see Grammy!”  Another long, deep hug as chatter rushes like rapid, flowing water. I struggle to snatch the important events, as the details of recent weeks speed past and I notice how much each of them has changed… I’ve changed too and it’s a bit harder for me to keep pace with them but the joy of loving reunion energizes my old bones. Soon I’m up moving, fulfilling the rituals of “A Visit to Grammy’s House” that my grandsons expect. There are Grandpa’s great burgers for dinner and a comforting, warm bath. Next, there’s a movie to watch, while we all snuggle and laugh.

Dinner passes slowly, there’s so much to share! Then dishes are cleared, our movie is chosen, and just as we are about to settle down, my eldest grandson gasps! I look out the window from behind him and see two new-born fawns, as my breath catches too! Quietly, the four of us gather closer to the window and watch until the babies wobble down the side of the ravine and disappear into the brush. I grab the hand of the seven-year-old and whisper, “Let’s go see if they find their mother…” In bare feet, we tip-toe out onto the deck and find that of course, mother is there! We watch in wonder, as they suckle and she nudges them with love. My grandson’s face shines in quiet excitement and awe!Suddenly, the leaves of the cottonwoods quiver, rustle, and release their summer-time-snow; a blizzard in warm summer air. Cotton balls swirling and dancing in twinkling reflection of the spotted coats sported by the infant deer; as if in joyful celebration of these two new, living creatures. The wind, the invisible force swaying the trees and making cotton whirl, reminds me of the invisible, mighty Spirit who animates all living things. I realize that the magic of this moment isn’t an accident but a special gift, a blessing that my Father planned from the beginning, when He founded the earth in love. Then, the birds sing their good night songs as they nestle down and dusk fade into night. My grandson and I turn back inside and each of us re-enters the house, refreshed.

Inside the ritual continues and after the movie comes, “Special Time”, when each child and I spend a few moments alone to discuss the condition of their hearts. I listen with joy and gratitude, as these dear little persons share their happiness, their sadness, new discoveries, and questions about life. Then it’s time for Grammy’s “God songs” and prayers. Seeds of old truth planted in young hearts and realized in those hearts as new. Seeds cultivated and nurtured with love and prayer. Truth sown with hope that they will remember and be guided and strengthened  by it, no matter what the future may bring; a future that may not include me there. I tuck them in and leave the room, physically tired and heavy but also, renewed. Just as when I first met Jesus and the Holy Spirit made my old, tired life new! I thank God for the blessing of my grandchildren and new-born baby deer,  in which the cycle of life is completed, where the alpha and omega meet. When one form fades, a new form rises, and life eternal reigns!

8 thoughts on “The Joy of New Life

    1. I like critters too but after being raised on a ranch/farm, I much prefer to watch the ones that don’t require me to feed them.:0)I get too attached and as a kid, I hated it when I had to eat my pets.;0( I’m blessed to live where I can observe wild animals.


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