Do You Hear Joy Crying?

Joy sings in recognition of truth, love, grace, mercy, and peace. All the spiritual fruits that are of God, by God, and pleasing to God, cause joy to sing praise, even in the midst of sickness and sorrow. Joy is the proper attitude for enduring hardships common in life but joy is not a manic state. Those with joy in Jesus are still susceptible to experiencing pain and all that is against God, in the form of sin causes those with joy, to weep. Of all the sins that cause joy to cry, nothing brings tears more quickly than the sins committed by adults against children. Child abuse turns joy to mournful wailing and the nation who ignores her grieving is sure to fall.

Sin brings joy to tears because there is no joy in human degradation and death. There is no more right expression of self-loathing-degradation than the devaluing of children. Millions of unborn children are sacrificed every year, on the altar of free-sex-without-consequence, by abortion used as a method of birth control. Then their parts are sold and haggled over for adults to cosmetically and medically consume. While living, breathing children are neglected and abused so their parents can pursue pleasure, fortune, and power. Everyday, children are bought and sold to be used for the sexual pleasure of wealthy, powerful adults. No Pagan culture of the past outstripped the cruelty endured by children living in our secular culture, today. Children living in this present era are experiencing a holocaust against them that is mostly, ignored. No one has time for children or their problems (except the friendly, neighborhood pedophile). Even those who hold Christian traditions often neglect to honor their children by treating them with the love and respect that is their Biblical, inherent right; in complete disregard of the value Jesus places upon children, too many of us fail in giving children the protection, nurture, and guidance they require and shamefully, even spiritual training is sometimes, used as a vehicle of abuse. Though laws are written to protect children from abuse, children aren’t considered valuable enough to justify the expense of enforcing those laws and thereby, protect their legal rights. Though in God’s eyes, they are as valuable as any adult and even the U.S. Constitution states that all are “created equal”, the hard truth is that children must earn equality first, by surviving whatever their childhood may be and become an adult, before their personal rights are seriously considered. A society that dishonors and devalues its children possesses no lasting honor or value and is under God’s judgment. Dire consequences wait in the wings when a culture ceases to protect those who are weak. There is no hope for a nation or a world that tolerates the slaughter of unborn children, conceived at an inconvenient time and also, tolerates the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children outside of the womb. Without hope, there is no joy and prosperity with the pleasures it brings, will vanish; as negligence and abuse fills society with troubled children and broken adults. God’s judgment falls first, in the natural consequences of sin.

There is a way to break this cycle and as always, the right pattern to follow is found in the person of Jesus. Jesus valued children so highly as to state that the Kingdom of God will be populated by people like them and if we can’t accept the reality of that Kingdom in the same way that a child does, we can’t enter it. The innocence of a child is treasured by God and those of us who love God, ought to also, hold it in high esteem. The cruelty of abuse destroys not only childish innocence but crushes the spirit of a child. Whether the abuse is physical, sexual, or emotional the lasting effect is the same. When a child’s innocence is murdered, that child is no longer a child but a small adult-too-soon. Every child inside or outside the womb should be allowed to live out their childhood, while being loved and nurtured. These are very basic rights that should not be denied. Children aren’t possessions or commodities; they are persons with value equal to that of any adult. Those of us who love Jesus must do as Jesus did and take time for children. Value them as God values them and don’t hurt them! Those who have a high regard for children must speak out against abuse instead, of turning a blind eye. Children need us to be the kind of salt and light that brings societal shame to bear and convicts the hearts of those who abuse children. It is the only way for Christians to maintain the right attitude of joy while living in a world that condones the debasing of its children.

God bless America? America, bless God by turning back to Him and honoring our children! May judgment be turned away by obedience and God’s merciful intervention; as America returns to goodness and as a nation, we sit once again in the right position to receive God’s blessing. May joyful freedom ring with equality for all! Even with equality for the least powerful of all our citizens.

Do you hear joy crying? Will you heed her mournful warning?


“As you do to the least of these among you, you do also, to me.”~~~~Jesus


Malachi 4:5-6 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”



5 thoughts on “Do You Hear Joy Crying?

    1. Hi Michael, I suppose the child I was supposed to be never had a chance to be but Jesus returned my dignity and gifted me with the faith of a child. I pray the same for all kids who’s innocence is stripped from them too soon.

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