Joy Rises!

Evil crawls and creeps,

(Undercover of Denial)

It never sleeps;


Into damaged hearts,

Sin seeps;

Then Malice begins its prowl;

Fierce Predator, Mighty beast!

Innocent prey, now deceived,


As still Evil crawls and creeps,

With prey locked in talon claws,

Toward death’s long sleep,

(Undercover of Denial)


Truth shines and Joy rises!

(Revealed by Holy Light)

The powerful Name, Jesus!

Shines with Eternal Life,


Sin-dead hearts awake!

Brilliant Hope that faith prizes,

Drives Sin’s shadowy-deep away;

Once night-time predator,

Now beloved,

Child of the day!

Eternal Truth with Joy forever rises!

Once pride-hard hearts now, bend knee and pray,

(Revealed by Holy Light)



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