When Old Woman Fades to Joyful Glory!

Numbered days fleeting, slipping her grasp… Molten gold-laden and fading into glory; Silver voice diminished but remaining in aged rasp… Labored sad-singing, her one ending-story; Broken memories lost, drifting in time-lapse… Old dreams dimmed in head turned grey and hoary; Death agony caused by misfiring synapse… Pain messengers released, intensify longing for glory! Old woman’s … More When Old Woman Fades to Joyful Glory!

Moon Dream Joy

Moon dream drops falling slow; Tiny light particles, creating moon beams, Setting cold-dark, night-world aglow! Creating the atmosphere for dreams, Of love, and peace, and joy to grow; Inside God’s timing   Moon dream drops falling faster; Soft reflected light, brightening streams, Reveals the Moon as night-time Master, The revealer of all man’s night-times schemes; … More Moon Dream Joy

My Joy Road Home

Dust billows and rolls, behind the only car to be seen for miles, as we race the antelope toward home. Slow rumble, rattle, and shake over dirt road that snakes over the far horizon. I see famed “Purple Mountain’s Majesty”, backdrop to the aqua sage-brush sea that lies shimmering beneath a blue cathedral sky. Coyotes … More My Joy Road Home

Joy is Love Given!

All hope for love to own, but love demands to be given; Love mighty living fast-flowing stream, dies by damning; In greedy man-made lakes, love stagnates, and away is driven; Love evaporating in heavy mist, forming clouds of sorrow lining; Raining down heavy drops, re-gathering mighty stream, life re-given; Love hoarded dies then in air … More Joy is Love Given!