Joy Lost in the River You!

Joy sat mesmerized,

On the banks of the rolling River You;

On a moonlit night, hypnotized,

Mindless and entranced, by the sparkling,

Rushing waters of You!

Tempted in for a midnight swim;

Joy enveloped in the cool,

Soothing waters of You!


Joy drifted effortlessly,

Happily submerged by the amorous River You;

With long deep sighs, restlessly, and comfortlessly,

Joy vowed love-struck promises,

Completely taken in by handsome River You!

“Whatever you want, whatever you need

I’ll do! I’ll give You everything

And live my life for only, You!”


Joy was swept away!

Very far away,

In the all consuming waters of the River You;

Devoured by You, Joy faded to pale grey,

Awash in the tantalizing River You!

Joy’s true purpose lost,

Joy paid the high cost,

Identity; diluted then dissolved,

In the unsatisfiable waters of River You.






10 thoughts on “Joy Lost in the River You!

    1. Yes! In Him is the balance between self-centered isolation and personal dissolution in living to please others. He fills our need, enabling us to serve others and plant the seeds of faith in needy hearts.


  1. Hmmm….another one where I must think. I’m a straight thinker, but I will give this a shot. I believe what you are saying is that we humans are never satisfied. We have available to us an abundance of joy in its purest form through Jesus. Yet, our appetite for “Me, me, me,” washes joy away into obscurity leaving nothing but jagged rocks of life’s misery.

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    1. Well…close and in poetry the thoughts revealed in the reader are as important as those expressed by the writer. The Sea of Me is my expression of self-centeredness and the end of it, The River You is and expression of living to please another and its end. Living for Jesus is the only correct balance between the two.


      1. Maybe I should provide an explanation with my poetry! lol! It’s been fun though to see the different ways people respond. Just like an abstract painting, which I love, and I’d guess, make you scratch your head!:0)


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