Truth Exalts Joy!

It’s often said that truth is painful but that is a common misconception. Truth brings health and promotes healing in wounds created and infected by lies. It clears troubled minds and brings peace to confused hearts. Truth promises joy to those lost in deception and imprisoned by the manipulation that is the under-girding of this world’s system. Truth dispels foggy denial and reveals coherent reality. Truth is innocent but not gullible. The power of falsehood is fear and it is brave truth that exposes the lie as weak. Truth is the heart of wisdom and when embraced as a way of life, truth promotes and exalts joy.


Living by truth isn’t the easy path in a world founded on lies. However, it is the only path that promotes a joyful, spiritually, abundant life. Jesus opened the “Living Way” by not only teaching truth, but by living ultimate truth and obeying every Word from the mouth of God. Though Jesus had nothing and was labeled a man of sorrows, Jesus lived a life of truth and Jesus lived for God with joy. Those who follow Jesus and seek also, to live a life of truth, according to the Word of God, will also experience joy in the midst of suffering.


There is no joy in lies because lies inflict damage and create the spiritual darkness that causes people to stumble into death. They maim and they kill. Though truth may smart and overwhelm for an instant (when the lie is uncovered and shrieking, it scurries for shadowy cover) there is neither sin nor grief that truth can’t heal. Any temporary remedy provided by denial or deception can’t compare to the curative powers of truth. Those who embrace it grow in wisdom, held within sound minds, in a righteous attitude of joy. A life of Truth creates the inner well-spring of life that bubbles over, into eternal life. When Truth is upheld in honor, joy grows ever stronger as it consumes the night of sin and sadness and shines forth the true Light that lights every man. In Truth, in Jesus, there is no death but only Life!


4 thoughts on “Truth Exalts Joy!

    1. All the fruits compliment one another and provide perfectly balance nourishment for the soul. With them we feed and encourage one another. Without them the world will starve, as evidenced in the spiritually starved souls all around us. You and I Michael are very blessed to be well fed. None of the fruit produced in me comes from me. It all belongs to Jesus. When we feed on the bread of His broken body and the blood He shed to give us life, God is faithful to add the fruits of the Spirit and create an abundant feast to be eaten with joy!:0)

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