Unconditional Love Gives Joy!

Love; a dream, I thought,

Shattered now, in broken heart,

Only to children taught!

With my soul’s illusion, I must part;

Harden eyes, don’t get caught!



Love; a fairytale, only make-believe,

Vanquished now, vaporized dreams,

Love, only a word used to deceive!

Woman lost, adrift in misery streams,

Still longing, hoping to receive;

And dreaming…


Love; the Truth I found,

In ancient pages gleaming,

Is more than being emotionally bound,

More than childish-girl dreaming;

Unconditional; a choice that’s sound!

A better way to live than scheming,

And broken-hope-dreaming…


Love; reached down, up I reached,

Now, wrapped in Holy Sprit embrace!

All that lies by deception breached,

Healed! With not even a crack to trace!

Shattered heart new, by Love infused to teach,

Others, about Jesus and amazing grace!

Joy received in the dark empty place,

Of love-lost-dreaming…









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