Jell-O-Jiggle, Fluffy-Soft-Pillow;


Child-Happy-Eyes, then Salt-Water- Flowing,

Grammy-Mom! Make it right! Hold me strong!

Grey-Grim -Time- Weepy-Willow…

Overwhelming-Terror, Comes-In-The-Night!

Grammy-Mom-Joy-Rhyming -Her-Silly-Song,

“With a smile and not a frown…” Warding-Away-Fright!

Little ways tutored by, All-That’s-Gone-Wrong,

Hopeful -Remodel in, Happy -Sound –Rhymes-of-Right;



Catch-Angry -Can’t –Understand-Tears!

Comfort-in-Sweet-Smelling –Jelly-Filled-Pillow;

“And we won’t roll around on the ground…”

Soothe-Daunting –Sum-of-Hurt-Founded-Childhood-Fears!

Laughing-Growing-Years-Stolen! Never-will-again-be-found!

Grammy-Mom’s-Joy-Rhyming, Happy-Song-Sounding,

Heavy-With-Hiding, Weary-Broken-Heart-Tears!

“No bad thoughts, No bad dreams…”  No-More! Grey-Weepy-Willow!

“Only blue skies, sunshine, and gentle breezes on a summer’s day…”   In-Sleepy-Hope-Bounding,



In loving dedication to Coyote Andy and Coyote Joe.









7 thoughts on “Grammy-Mom’s-Joy-Rhyming

  1. Mitch, They are my very special grandsons and this poem is filled with excerpts from songs I’ve made up for them. “Grammy’s silly songs.” Coyote Andy and Coyote Joe are the most loved:

    There’s Coyote Andy,
    Down by the Rio Grande,
    He keeps his six-guns handy,
    That’s Coyote Andy!

    There’s Coyote Joe,
    He’s movin’ pretty slow,
    But when the moon starts shinin’
    He starts howlin’,
    That’s Coyote Joe!

    Of course, it is all to music but you’ll have to imagine your own tune.:0)

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