Sad Boy’s Return to Joy!

Little boy dreams torn apart; Heart- Broken!

Searching for that something… More than a token;

Confusion and mistrust to mend,

Need something special but little to spend…

Battered child-heart needs empathy, compassion!

Something to love that won’t go out of fashion…

Teach caring devotion still exists with lasting love,

And every good thing loving comes from above…

Perfect gift to patch hurting-broken-child-heart!

Fuzzy, warm bundle of boy-child-joy! A kitten!

God’s healing humor in every kitten heart is written!

Brings back sad boy’s happy-time laughter;

This mournful story turns a new chapter!

Long hours of rowdy play, screams, and giggles,

Whirling, spinning, running boy/ kit wiggles!

Care, and feed, and carry, and sleepy-time cuddles;

Mends wounds in forgetting-sad-mind-befuddles;

Moon-beam-dreams, purring kitty, sweet little boy;

Answered prayer; And sad boy’s return to joy!


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