Joy is Love Given!

All hope for love to own, but love demands to be given;

Love mighty living fast-flowing stream, dies by damning;

In greedy man-made lakes, love stagnates, and away is driven;

Love evaporating in heavy mist, forming clouds of sorrow lining;

Raining down heavy drops, re-gathering mighty stream, life re-given;

Love hoarded dies then in air rises, born-again ever-flowing, eternally- living;

Life nurturing along its banks, those who by faith in Love abide, in hope joy livens;

Love is God and God is Love; Mighty Rolling Eternal Living River, eternal- life-giving!


9 thoughts on “Joy is Love Given!

  1. What a beautiful poem! It reminds me of Psalm 1. “A Tree Planted by Streams of Water.”
    I enjoy reading your writing. It’s always filled with truth and substance, and encourages me that there is always, always a remnant.
    Sometimes it’s easy to feel like Elijah in this world, that we alone remain as God’s faithful, but He is always faithful to show us that we are never, truly, alone. Some day I’ll have to find a way to print out all your posts for later referencing. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing.

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      1. That would be marvelous! If you do, I’d LOVE to buy a copy from you. I’m such a picky reader, but your writings would make a fantastic devotional. They’re inspiring and though-provoking.

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