Moon Dream Joy

Moon dream drops falling slow;

Tiny light particles, creating moon beams,

Setting cold-dark, night-world aglow!

Creating the atmosphere for dreams,

Of love, and peace, and joy to grow;

Inside God’s timing


Moon dream drops falling faster;

Soft reflected light, brightening streams,

Reveals the Moon as night-time Master,

The revealer of all man’s night-times schemes;

Nightmare dreams that lead to disaster!

Outside of God’s timing


Moon dream drops streaming down!

Intense thoughts washed, into un-consciousness;

Plans drift away frustrated, and then drown,

In giant wafting, waves of forgetfulness;

All bright-color impatient-dreams fade to brown,

Side-stepping God’s timing


Moon dream drops magnified in Holy Light!

God whispers in dreamer’s quieted ear,

A golden dream… truth in poetic delight!

Of that perfect Love, that frees from all fear;

Love, and peace, and joy, overpower cold-dark night!

Prophetic dream lasts, in God’s perfect timing



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