When Old Woman Fades to Joyful Glory!

Numbered days fleeting, slipping her grasp…

Molten gold-laden and fading into glory;

Silver voice diminished but remaining in aged rasp…

Labored sad-singing, her one ending-story;

Broken memories lost, drifting in time-lapse…

Old dreams dimmed in head turned grey and hoary;

Death agony caused by misfiring synapse…

Pain messengers released, intensify longing for glory!

Old woman’s secrets locked away with a hasp…

Open! The beginning then the end of her story;

Faith with sure hope secured, doesn’t lapse…

When Old Woman fades to joyful glory!




13 thoughts on “When Old Woman Fades to Joyful Glory!

    1. Me too,jacqueline…:0)It’s not easy but I can’t imagine growing old and facing death without my Savior and Friend. There’s something wonderful for us to fix our gaze upon during the life-phase of final-letting-go. I was hurting yesterday. Maybe it is too sad?

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    1. Hi Jacob, I think I made this too sad. I’m not knocking on death’s door, as far as I know. I was in a lot of pain yesterday and it came out this way. I don’t want to upset anyone. Vasculitis is very painful and I can’t help but consider death sometimes, in the face of it but I am not without hope and that hope is what I wanted to share. Today, my medication is working and I’m feeling better. Still someday, I will pass into glory. I’ll step off this planet and be with Jesus.:0)It’s the stuff in between that’s hard sometimes…

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      1. I’m so glad to hear you’ll be with us a while longer. I do think the poem was very sad, but I think that’s also the power driving it. I wouldn’t change it.
        Good to know you’re doing better and feeling better. 🙂

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