Joy in Reality

The words I write are the best of me put on public display. However, the reality of me is somewhat, different. Everything that shines brightest in me is Jesus lighting my darkness. Whatever I am not, Jesus is and everything He is I am not. He completes me. He is the source of my joy and without Him, … More Joy in Reality

Blood Moon

Rising now, fourth blood moon! A spectacle or a portending sign, Of the ending of the end-times? Might be coming! The LORD’s Day! The fearful will look and swoon! Wanting answers more benign, Soft sounds in soothing rhymes. Don’t speak of the LORD’s Day; I believe and Jesus is coming soon! A favorite memorized comfort … More Blood Moon

The Cottonwoods Rejoice in Humble Endurance

A cooled summer breeze rustles through the Cottonwoods stirring matured leaves in a rustling shimmer. I notice autumn’s first hints of gold now appearing, as purple wild Asters bloom in compliment. I catch a whiff of roasting green chili and my mouth waters in anticipation, triggered by memories of past New Mexico autumns. My mind … More The Cottonwoods Rejoice in Humble Endurance


A beautiful girl with time to kill… Needs excitement and a thrill! Spiritual vacuum a need to fill… Loves to shop more than a pill! Filling dreams with a green bill… Buying power to top off her till! Then over-flows, begins to spill… Material –joy-hoard heaping hill! A heart of greed, just won’t chill! Girl … More Material-Joy-Hoarder!