Daddy’s Dancing Joy

A rare blue-bird dream of fleeting happiness

Dancing lightly on a summer’s gentle breeze;

Budded girl-heart blossoming ; Fanciful dreams!

Shy, timid feathered sighs… misty moodiness

Giggling joy tinkling-floats through leafy trees;

Little ballerina dancing in twirling sunlight gleams!

Safely spinning in Daddy’s heart-secure-lovingness

Watching, protecting, blessing every little sneeze;

‘Till blue-bird ballerina’s twirling-growing dreams

Charm young-man heart; Claimed Dad’s happiness!

Blue-bird dream fleeting dance on summer breeze!

11 thoughts on “Daddy’s Dancing Joy

      1. Aw! Thank you sweet Pam. I’ve missed you too- I miss being here. Feels like I am so tired lately I haven’t been as active as I would like- but I need to be- this place is so ️positive and healing for me. I am so thankful for you

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  1. Being a dad of four girls, I enjoyed this. However, how come the girl is joy and the boy in previous post is joy killer. hhmm , not all boys are bad and not all girls are good. I know, take them separately, they are both very well written.

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    1. They are about two totally different things…truth is, when it’s your kid even a joy killer is a blessing…no matter what your kids choose as adults, you still love them or should…not all parents are the same either…but little girls need their daddy’s love and protection like they need air and water…little boys need love and good mentoring. Dad’s are important.

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