Joy For All Seasons

Each day I unwrap as a gift given for a special reason;

Receive, open, admire, use; then I carelessly toss,

Expecting the generosity of a tomorrow like today;

Not noticing day’s life altering pass into new season,

Green to gold to red to brown to grey; life’s eventual loss

Days like leaves falling; debris piling raked cleared away,

Gather to mulch vegetable gardens; new life’s treason

Warmed by elder used days; tiny seedlings nestling moss

Nurtured beneath sleeping branches; await first spring day;

Receive, unwrap, celebrate, future days far over horizon,

No thought for those before who suffered day’s loss;

Sacrifice of life in death to gain new life! I kneel to pray:

My days be not raked cleared and burned in death season!

Instead gathered in sacrifice; like Your life-giving cross!

I wait until new life rises; Jesus honor my remaining day!

Redeem careless days, by Love-giving-joy beyond reason!








12 thoughts on “Joy For All Seasons

  1. A beautiful poem and close to my heart as I also contemplate the changing of seasons and life’s transitions. Thank you. Thank you also for reading my work. Chevvy.

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