Smart professional on top of his game!

Educated; cultured; a smooth operator…

Upwardly mobile, wears the right name!

Handsome, debonair; slim-sleek-otter…

Deftly heading toward power and fame!

Speaks eloquence; refreshing like water!

Conquering, dominating, others to tame;

Owns one woman, prowls for one hotter…

Driven by greed and doesn’t know shame!

Knocks down anyone beginning to totter…

Crush the weak! Turn! Leave them lame!

Sees all others as clay, himself their potter…

Scape-goats God annuls any and all blame!

Jealous, driven-green-envy, love squatter…

Self! God! Others! Burning hate flame!

Top man has money; but it doesn’t matter…

Hollow-man craving; satisfaction can’t claim!

Pitiful, joy-starved, sad, sick manipulator…

Deceived! Dehumanized! By his own game!


He’s the son of that original joy-starved-master-manipulator, the father of all lies, Satan and if he continues in his father’s footsteps, he’ll share the same destiny. There is hope for all joy-starved-manipulators who repent, receive Jesus and His anointing of righteous joy, in the place of driving envy and greed.


22 thoughts on “Joy-Starved-Manipulator

  1. Pam, this is a great piece of poetry,very clever, savvy writing and imagery to deal with a sinister theme. Very artful treatment for an artful character you paint. A great piece of poetry.

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      1. Well let me tell you a secret. When I started blogging, I wanted to write about travel and share music but the poets started following me:-) This poem is like a painting in words. You’ve also used great rhythm that suits the craftiness of your theme. Well done!

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      2. Sammy Davis jr type tempo…it was fun.:0) I’ve blogged for years but mostly, informational type writing. I’m having a lot of fun just being creative and also, enjoying connecting with other artists. Good stuff!:0)

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