Joyless Barracuda!

Once upon a time a little girl was shattered.

No one noticed the darkening of bright soul…

Embracing the black lie; none of it mattered…

At her very core opened a gaping black-hole!




In sharp shards everywhere lay scattered!

Love was punctured! Wrath filled her bowl!

Joyless Barracuda rise! Innocence tattered!

Painted green eyes to hypnotize her goal…

Beautiful spirit broken girl-child battered;

Outwardly ravishing masking a dead soul…

Passive-Aggressive leaving men shattered!

Emptied bank accounts her devouring goal!

Proving to everyone that little girl mattered!

Who inside died from Man punctured soul…


Inside every man-eating barracuda lives a broken little girl. Jesus is the only One who can restore shattered women and empower them to become the women God intended them to be. What isn’t possible for human beings is possible with God and no one is too broken for the healing grace found in Jesus. Even a joyless barracuda can be transformed by faith into a joyful lady in Christ.




8 thoughts on “Joyless Barracuda!

    1. With one in five girls being sexually abused before the age of 18, I’d say there’s a good chance it will be read by some women who can relate even, though not all of them react in exactly the same way.


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