Emotional pain is the trap-door that led to his addictions.

Fantasies and Denial are his natural coping-methods.

Chemically-induced-joy best fit his personal predilections,

Of dream-world-avoidance over facing-truth-methods.

Belonging- in-the- wrong-crowd fulfill Mom’s predictions,

A life of crimes he chose as feeding drug-habit-methods.

Dope-fiend! Hop-Head! Addict! His personal distinctions;

Lost-Joy-Popper! Adrift with no right-life-living-methods,

Won’t last long! Predestined for final addict extinctions!

Here the road ends, when relying on self-abuse-methods.

Lost-Joy-Popper! He listened to heart’s instinctual directions.

Faulty-messages chained him inside faulty-coping-methods!

There is hope for all Lost-Joy-Poppers in Jesus. By faith in Him, addicts of every kind can find freedom from the slavery of addiction by embracing Truth and employing God’s divine love and grace in their lives. Chemically induced joy pales in comparison to the true joy found only in Jesus!




9 thoughts on “Lost-Joy-Popper!

    1. Yes, and very common in the U.S. I was once…a long time ago…a lost-joy-popper and I am living proof that no one is beyond saving Grace. It’s a sad state to be in but it doesn’t have to have a sad ending.


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