A beautiful girl with time to kill…

Needs excitement and a thrill!

Spiritual vacuum a need to fill…

Loves to shop more than a pill!

Filling dreams with a green bill…

Buying power to top off her till!

Then over-flows, begins to spill…

Material –joy-hoard heaping hill!

A heart of greed, just won’t chill!

Girl gotta buy more, can’t be still…

To buy more stuff she might kill!

Anything to achieve her thrill…

Ignore that hole she can’t fill…

Joy-hoard-to-trash, a bitter pill!

Joy things rot, as with green bill…

Moths then rust stink-up the till!

Garbage-greed-pile is heart spill…

Denying huge growing trash hill…

Material greed too hot to chill!

No room for more, buying still…

Take her trash she’ll surely kill!

She’s a Material-Joy-Hoarder!


There is no lasting joy in material things and no amount of shopping can fill the inner void meant for Jesus. Greed can never be satisfied and drives all its devotees to destruction. Only Jesus can satisfy what those subject to greed hunger for. In Jesus there is contentment and spiritual treasure that never decays.


19 thoughts on “Material-Joy-Hoarder!

      1. The intervention comes from without from God through Jesus and the inward change is spiritual rebirth and reconciliation with God. The new attitude is joy in Jesus that is genuine and I would call her new path the Living Way.:0) I do understand what you’re saying now and even if we see things somewhat differently, the way you see it is the way you see it and that’s OK. You can only be you and think your thoughts as you consider mine and I consider yours. God bless.


    1. “Stuff” can take so much time to maintain that there is no time left for the important things in life. No matter how high we pile it or the surge of pleasure that comes with buying new things, material wealth can’t deliver the treasure that only, Jesus offers.


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