Blood Moon

Rising now, fourth blood moon!

A spectacle or a portending sign,

Of the ending of the end-times?

Might be coming! The LORD’s Day!

The fearful will look and swoon!

Wanting answers more benign,

Soft sounds in soothing rhymes.

Don’t speak of the LORD’s Day;

I believe and Jesus is coming soon!

A favorite memorized comfort line,

Sing this old song in soothing chimes.

Hoping to avoid the LORD’s Day;

As God’s vineyard He begins to prune!

Then trample His grapes into wine,

Songs will turn to sad wailing croon!

Wrath visited on the LORD’s Day;

Holocaust! Moon heavenly warning sign!

Jesus is only safety in ending end-times;

Have faith! Not fear of rising blood moon!

Be prepared for the LORD’s Day!





8 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. Red Moon and Black Sun and Great Earthquake – “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood” Revelation 6:12. Great calamitous events! Have to go together not in isolation. Jesus is indeed the sure refuge.

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    1. Yes…but belief or disbelief in any doctrine concerning the future is not what saves us. Our faith in the person of Jesus is what saves us. There is life in no other and there is no other way to prepare for the LORD’s Day. And this is still an interesting occurrence and the way it correlates with Jewish history is interesting too.

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    1. Yes. This series is part of a tetrad of blood moons and each time this has occurred in the past, a major event happened regarding the Jews such as the Spanish Inquisition that drove them out of Spain, the re-forming of the state of Israel, and the six day war. This last series correlates with the Jewish Festivals. The Feast of Tabernacles began last evening. I’m not sure if it means anything but it is interesting.


    1. I missed the others because of clouds. I was in AZ for this one and it was amazing. I watched it from sundown when it first rose over the mountains (during an amazing sunset) until it was over. It was very colorful, very beautiful…

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