Man Proposes, God Disposes

It’s becoming popular today to scoff at the reality of sin but sin is real and sin is deadly.

His eye is on the sparrow

It has sometimes been asked whether God commands certain things because they are right, or whether certain things are right because God commands them. . . . I emphatically embrace the first alternative. The second might lead to the abominable conclusion . . . that charity is good only because God arbitrarily commanded it—that He might equally well have commanded us to hate Him and one another and that hatred would then have been right. I believe, on the contrary, that “they err who think that of the will of God to do this or that there is no reason besides His will.” God’s will is determined by His wisdom which always perceives, and His goodness which always embraces, the intrinsically good. But when we have said that God commands things only because they are good, we must add that one of the things intrinsically good is that rational creatures should freely surrender themselves to their…

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2 thoughts on “Man Proposes, God Disposes

  1. As sinners we often have a terrible Stockholm Syndrome with sin; we think of it better than what it is, and we downplay the evil and negative consequences it has inflicted upon us. Which is why I appreciate your post. God didn’t say something is sin to inflict us, rather it’s the other way around, sin is what’s bad for us and others and especially in its offense towards a GOOD God.

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