Open to Joy!

Insular safety, closed off in cavernous refuge; My hiding place, my home, it’s the natural me; Needing no one! I’m cuddling in this lie so huge; Self-imposing my isolation; refusing to be free; Once it was good reason; year of pain deluge: Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Terrible bell! Agony’s relentless knell … More Open to Joy!

The Colors of Joy

Adeline, a little girl raised in a world of dingy grey somehow, learned to dream in color. She was a talented child of limited privilege but gifted with creativity. Her talent to dream beyond her environment was her ticket to survival. Trapped in a home characterized by spiritual, intellectual, and economic poverty, Adeline escaped into … More The Colors of Joy

Joy and the Black-Bird

Happily married forever and eternally it seemed; Duty bound to fidelity, too mature for temptation; Seeing the completion and death of all Joy dreamed, Joy lost herself in reverie, deep spirit contemplation, Denying her utter aloneness even when it screamed! Old women don’t need love that is mostly sensation! These things Joy told herself, this … More Joy and the Black-Bird

By His Right Arm

  I Am standing, suffering self-contained. Perpendicular to mankind’s reason; Gazing over the vast expanse of time; My vengeance is self- constrained! Directing each and every season; Toward the right conclusion of time; In spite of the evil I left unrestrained! Reclaiming all that I lost to treason; Limit it to time, time, and half … More By His Right Arm

Crushed Joy

Pretty little girl, dressed up like a doll, beautiful living toy! An accessory for her mother! A show-piece for her father! Sent to her room when her childish wants began to annoy, Sedated with alcohol, when her emotional needs bother; This is the beginning of girl’s ending: The Crushing of Joy!   No longer useful … More Crushed Joy

Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns

Every plant that grows and survives in the harsh environment of the desert produces thorns. The cactus is the fittest of those survivors and by brilliant adaptation to the conditions of the desert climate, the cactus clothe themselves in self-protective quills. Attiring themselves in sharp spines prevents them from being trampled and guards against animals … More Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns