Joy is Born in Truthful Reckoning

Every little boy and every little girl dreams of being someone important with magical powers to create and control their own special world. In childhood, we imagine ourselves as knights, kings, queens, and princesses, rulers over all we survey. Magic is what we long for because magic can make what we dream of real, or at least, imitate reality and be believable. This common longing for control and power is the seed of all sin; it is the foolishness that inhabits every child heart. This is the birthplace of all the lies, in every form, that human beings naturally utilize to survive and thrive in the world. Though children are innocent, they are born fallen and each child born is subjected to the same temptation that caused Eve and then Adam, to fall. The need to control and transform the world around us drives all of us and the magic we embrace to accomplish it is the lie. Magic has the power to induce momentary bliss but lies can never produce the lasting joy that every magician desires to create.

Satan’s original lie was in the form of manipulation and like a slithering snake the power to manipulate is engrained in the minds of every human being. It hides in the grass of denial and often, we aren’t even aware of how we manipulate. Others are aware and become masters of manipulation and can even think of their controlling form of lying as an ability to be proud of. Pride expressed as denial allows us to ignore that nasty snake, pretend we are the honest people we want to be seen as, and expect other people to be. Denial is delusion in its infantile state and for those who practice denial as a way of life, delusion is the next step, when the magic of denial proves weak. Delusional people are dissociated people, disconnected from reality and in extreme cases, avoiding contact even with themselves because of excruciating shame. They develop masks and personas in hopes of pleasing and fooling others into believing they are someone other than the shameful person they know as their true self. When reality of self can’t be ignored, alcohol, drugs, money, fame, prestige, present themselves as a reasonable choice in maintaining the charade. However, the charade always falters because lies are magic and deception can’t create but only imitate. The power of the lie is fear and the fear of exposure traps people inside the worlds they create in pursuit of their dreams of greatness and personal power. The only way out is reckoning with ultimate, divine truth.

There is nothing a liar hates worse than the truth and those who live by lies will not willing seek Jesus, who unlike all other human beings isn’t the embodiment of the lie but instead, divine truth in living form. Jesus didn’t desire personal power or personal greatness. Jesus desired God’s Will and lived and died in service to Him. The Ten Commandments are an offense, an accusation to every liar but to Jesus, they were the Commandments He loved and lived by, from the heart. Every liar confronted by God’s Holy Law, will either snarl and run for cover, or collapse in utter recognition of how great God is and what a miserable lying worm they are in comparison. Without Jesus and His sacrificial death, each response ends in death. Because Jesus died for our sins and lives, those who understand their hopelessness may find hope by believing and accepting Jesus as Savior from their sin. Those who open their hearts to saving faith are sealed as belonging to Jesus, when the Holy Spirit makes His home in their heart. It is the Spirit that dispels the magic of the lie by breaking its fearful power and replacing it with divine truth. It is the beginning of a life-long process that ends in total freedom from sin, as all natural longings for power and greatness that come by instinct, are replaced with the desire to glorify God. The Ten Commandments no longer condemn but become the very Words of life for those who by the Spirit have become new creatures, destined for the new Creation and partakers of eternal life.

Believers are spiritually new creatures who remain in carnal form. They will still struggle against the instinct to seek their own power and control but every time we give in to the old nature, Jesus is there to remind us of the new; we stumble, we fall, and Jesus picks us back up. Though, we are still sometimes deceived by that slithering snake, his magic has no power over us because we no longer belong to him. We belong to Jesus. His Father is our Father now, and in Jesus we are being transformed from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. It is by self-confrontation and reckoning with divine truth that we are set free from death and it is by truthful reckoning that we maintain the joy of the salvation that will end in complete freedom from sin. There is no magic spell that can prevent its completion and no lie can apprehend or destroy the righteous joy of Jesus.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is Spirit.


Open to Joy!

Insular safety, closed off in cavernous refuge;

My hiding place, my home, it’s the natural me;

Needing no one! I’m cuddling in this lie so huge;

Self-imposing my isolation; refusing to be free;

Once it was good reason; year of pain deluge:

Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain!

Terrible bell! Agony’s relentless knell tolling!

Now, clanging stopped but left memory stain;

Lick the wounds; all the while days keep rolling;

Forgotten, moribound isolation finding no gain;

Satiate isolation fed on old memories re-rolling;

Disconnect! This torturous clanging, re- tolling!

Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lo…

As Holy Spirit wind gusts! Window flies open!

Joyously! As sunshine floods self-incarceration!

Lighting dark corners, revealing all left broken;

As song birds soothe away my need for isolation;

Paving way for hearing His trust Words spoken!

A shattered soul’s reconnection with His Creation;

Heaven’s bells sing! As a new song begins ringing!

Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy!

Heart wounds fester; mortify in cave-like isolation;

Healing starts when lonely hearts pry open to joy!






The Colors of Joy

Adeline, a little girl raised in a world of dingy grey somehow, learned to dream in color. She was a talented child of limited privilege but gifted with creativity. Her talent to dream beyond her environment was her ticket to survival. Trapped in a home characterized by spiritual, intellectual, and economic poverty, Adeline escaped into the inner, colorful world of her dreams. That special place was the opposite of the deadly vacuum in which she lived and breathed. Adeline’s world was made of vast, rolling, emerald-green hills beneath an azure sky filled with cloudless rainbows. The sun was always shinning but never too hot, it gently, kissed and nurtured flowers reflecting the color of the rainbows above them, in the sparkling sky. Every animal on the planet that Adeline created in her mind was a pet, even bears and lions and the people were always loving and kind. Everything was wonderful in the dream-world of Adeline’s imagination and she spent as much of her time as possible there. Every book she read, every movie she watched was like a seed that upon germination, added depth and detail to her inner world. To Adeline, reality became just a bad dream and the better world within, her reality. Adeline found happiness in the colorful, loving, joyful world she imagined but her fantasy didn’t have the power to change her reality. Then something happened to turn Adeline and her desire to create goodness and beauty changed; she became creatively evil.

A man, all dingy, dank grey, with an empty soul, filled with alcohol, destroyed Adeline’s personal dignity before she even understood it as her right. Adeline became an “anybody’s” and a “nobody” by a process of degradation she was too young to comprehend. What she did understand was that if she pleased him, he wouldn’t hit her, and he even gave her things. In a world of dingy grey, survival and getting things is everything. Adeline wanted to live because all little girls want to live but the colorful world within her died, in the face of evil’s revelation. Forced by the cruelty of harsh reality into understanding her dream world could never be, Adeline turned all her creative powers over to the darkness. She became adept at pleasing by pretending to be what others wanted and then taking whatever she could clean from them. Sometimes though, her soul still screamed for relief and she found the escape she craved but no longer had the childlike faith to create, in drugs. A puff, a pill, a sniff, and finally, an injection artificially inflated Adeline’s dreams. However, they lacked the power to breathe life into her deadened soul that was now also, dingy grey. Adeline had no access to the joy she knew as a child and as the popular saying goes, when she grew up, she was a completed product of her environment. Sweet, beautiful, little Adeline didn’t make it into the world of human beings and by them, was regarded as only, a statistic.

Thankfully, statistics are another form of fantasy and no statistic can rightly define a human being. Adeline, no matter her environment or the choices she made to survive it, was a child of God. Her gift of creativity was her Godly attribute, a reflection of the Father who made her and adored her, even in her grey, lifeless state. Though the world labeled her as ”a nobody” who gave herself to anybody, God saw her as His precious daughter and He sent His Son, Jesus to save her from her sin and heal her from everything that damaged her. Though she appeared to be broken, useless, only garbage, through Jesus, God reached down whispering, “I love you. I bled and died for you and if you believe in Me, you will be free. I am living now and if you take my hand, you will live a new life in me.” Adeline recognized this voice that didn’t come from without but from within, as she reached for that hand that her physical eyes couldn’t see, and immediately, felt the wrapping of the warmest most comforting embrace she’d ever known. It was her Daddy, come to rescue her, and heal all of her wounds.

Because of Jesus, Adeline’s story didn’t end in a sad statistic and she found a sure escape from a dingy grey world of poverty, crime, and degradation. Adeline lived a life beyond mere survival. In Christ, she grew to overcome everything her childhood seemed to predestine for her. She wasn’t limited by her life’s circumstances because from before the foundation of the world, God had a better plan. Adeline became a wife, mother, teacher, and a painter who filled her corner of the world with every color of the rainbow. Every painting shone with a brilliant light empowered to bend every sorrowful shade of grey and disperse throughout: red for Christ’s blood, blue for peace, green for life, and yellow for joy. Adeline’s creativity found a new purpose, that of glorifying her Father. Adeline, that sad little girl trapped in a dingy world who managed to survive by the seed God planted of Himself within her, lived a life better than her dreams when she recognized the giver of dreams, as her Heavenly Father. Now, she belongs to only, Him. She is a daughter of the King! She still dreams of a better world but that world isn’t a fantasy. It is Christ’s Kingdom to come that her childhood dreams were but a taste of. In that world, there will be no sad little girls who must survive and then overcome a dingy world of grey.

Joyous Love From Heaven

It all began in nineteen hundred and seventy seven;

She was young and beautiful, his desert fox he said;

His luminous blue eyes! God’s answer from Heaven!

Love began to spin! Entwining God’s binding thread,

Time flying, they found themselves at year eleven;

With two children and the struggle for daily bread;

This small family sustained by manna from Heaven!

Stable through all things that fill minds with dread;

Children grown-n- gone, arriving year twenty-seven!

Financial woes, arguments, decisions, and sick-bed;

Vows remaining firm by love in spite of sin’s leaven!

Lovers still bound forever entwined by faith thread!

Gray hair, sagging skin, is it really year thirty-seven?

(Still holding hands, she is now his silver fox he said;

His luminous blue eyes of joyous love from Heaven)

Add one Hon! It’s thirty-eight! How fast years sped!

Lord willing, still loving until one hundred and seven!


Dedicated to my devoted, loving husband of 37-going-on-38 years.





Joy and the Black-Bird

Happily married forever and eternally it seemed;

Duty bound to fidelity, too mature for temptation;

Seeing the completion and death of all Joy dreamed,

Joy lost herself in reverie, deep spirit contemplation,

Denying her utter aloneness even when it screamed!

Old women don’t need love that is mostly sensation!

These things Joy told herself, this reality Joy deemed;

Ignoring those thoughts that caused Joy any hesitation.


He appeared! A tiny black-bird, lighting on Joy’s shoulder!

Suddenly! Singing many sweet songs Joy had forgotten!

Buried feelings arose, living! His love songs grew bolder!

Emotional flood! Youth’s soft wrapping red-silk-cotton…

Wake up! With resolve of sanity, Joy bid heart,” Be colder!”

Wisdom’s warning: What’s sweet conceals what’s rotten!

Blissful dream of youth Joy had couldn’t beckon any golder!

So Joy gave herself to the fantasy knowing she shouldn’t otten…

Proof that sin’s reach is long, even when we’ve grown older;

Destroyed happiness, dreams blowing like Arizona wild cotton!

Sin’s temptation came by denial of Joy’s feelings left to smolder.


No matter how many years we live, no matter how mature we become in Christ, and no matter how many sins we’ve struggled against and achieve victory over, the inner war against sin is never over until we leave this present world. The sins we conquer never completely leave us but crouch in the dark corners of the mind waiting for an opportunity to pounce. Denying negative feelings and emotional needs instead of taking them to the Father for filling, can give opportunity to temptation. We are most vulnerable when we perceive ourselves as invulnerable and beyond temptation. Pride is a faulty replacement for honest reliance upon God. Every born-again saint is still also, a sinner and no sinner/saint is capable of living a holy life when depending upon self. Only by inner-vigilance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, and daily washing in the Word, is any believer able to accomplish the purpose predestined for us in Christ and avoid falling captive to the sins that beset everyone.


Maintaining Joy in an Era of Fear


There is one word that best characterizes the early 21st Century and that word is fear. From the fear of terrorism, global financial collapse, increasing totalitarianism, uncontrolled immigration, to the end of the end times, fear is the predominant mood. There are ominous black clouds on the horizon that seem impervious to the sun. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what threatens all of us and become frozen by the threat. There are also, those who see the fear in common folk and view it as an opportunity to make money or gain power. They magnify the threat to sell everything from financial advice to protection when the world as we know it ends. Others promise a better life in a new land to displaced persons, take the last of their money to smuggle them across borders, and even make slaves of some of them; and because of them, there are more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history. Predators know that frightened prey is easy prey and the 21st Century is proving to be a feeding frenzy for predators. By fear, the black night closes in as more and more people lose hope. The only, way to respond in an atmosphere of such pervasive fear is to reach for joy. It is the joy of Jesus that strengthens believers and gives us the power to overcome and not give in to terror.

Fear is natural, an important part of human, subjective intelligence. God built fear into our emotional character and He designed it for a purpose. Fear warns us of danger and signals for protective action but being overcome with fear clouds judgment and leaves us more vulnerable. Being afraid of things that may or may not happen and living in a state of constant terror is draining and immobilizing. If fear is to function properly, then it must be brought into balance. Moderation of fear is achieved by mindfully assessing where it should be rightfully, placed. This begins by looking away from the world with its looming threats and looking to God, the One who created us in His image. He is the only One who not only, has the power to destroy our bodies but also, to destroy our souls. He put us together and He can take us apart. Truly, freedom from fear begins with a healthy fear of the LORD. Fear thrives in ignorance but fearing God is the beginning of the end of spiritual ignorance and the first step toward an attitude of joy through knowledge of the Living God. When that knowledge is combined with saving faith in Jesus, it becomes righteous wisdom and a lamp that guides through the dark times of life. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and with each victory over fear, joy increases and fear subsides.

The dark future that appears to be bearing down on us now is part of God’s plan. It is part of His plan to end the rule of man over man and return the Creation to Himself. There is no escaping from it but there is one refuge and that safe place is in Jesus Christ. Placing faith in Him is the only, sure hope, the only place where the soul can be preserved for eternity. Those who belong to Him have only, the destruction of our bodies to fear from the world but our souls will remain intact in Christ, to be reunited with promised, glorified bodies; to live in that bright Kingdom that will rise on the other side of the looming, terrible storm. It is by keeping focus on Jesus and that future promise that believers are kept from being disabled by overwhelming fear. Our sure haven is protection from the purveyors of fear who seek weakened prey. By faith, we are perfected in God’s divine love and as we increase trust in Him, that perfect love drives away all fear.

Beloved, don’t be afraid of what the world fears. Maintain your joy by drawing close to God, in Jesus and find the strength you need to overcome everything that causes you to fear. There is no new prophet to follow and no new teaching to obey, for surviving the end of the End Times. Faith in Christ alone and obedience to God is all that is required. God never changes and His promises are sure.

All that I have written above is found in the Bible, as my acquired overview. It is important for every believer to read and study the Bible and prove to their selves, the truth of what I and others write and teach. Jesus is the Teacher of every believer and protection from false prophets and false teaching comes only, from each one looking to Jesus and studying the Bible for their self.

By His Right Arm


I Am standing, suffering self-contained.

Perpendicular to mankind’s reason;

Gazing over the vast expanse of time;

My vengeance is self- constrained!

Directing each and every season;

Toward the right conclusion of time;

In spite of the evil I left unrestrained!

Reclaiming all that I lost to treason;

Limit it to time, time, and half a time!

I leave My holy righteousness ingrained,

In children’s hearts, Spirit infusion!

Freeing them all from the prison of time;

Until Death’s sting I have fully contained;

Ending forever the universal confusion,

When by man Death began marking time;

Dispelling every deadly, strong delusion!

Of mortal human gods unrestrained;

Honor the One standing outside of time!

Omnipotent, perpendicular to our reason,

Jesus’ shed blood cleansing all sin stained!

God’s benevolent grace, saving age in time;

By My right arm! Defy age of human reason!

I Am standing, suffering self-contained.



One Hundred Joyful Messages

If you’re feeling sad and blue, I have the perfect cure for you!

Dedicate one hundred days to contemplating joy;

If you do, you’ll find what’s true, and be no longer blue!

Then spread, and increase joy, through sharing joy;

Changing the world one joyless heart at a time; It’s true!

That Jesus loves you! He blesses His with lasting joy!


This is my one hundredth post of indestructible joy! The kind of joy found only, by faith in Jesus. My blog is four months old with 121 WordPress followers, 315 google+ followers, and over 600 comments. I appreciate every person that those stats represent and I want to thank all of you for supporting me and helping me spread the joy of Jesus.

I decided to dedicate my blog to joy because at the time, I needed reminding of the joy I have in Jesus. The circumstances of my life are not altogether happy and I was in need of a way to rise above my problems. For me, writing is often a form of prayer where the things that trouble me and the promises of God meet. When I meditate on God’s Word and write, I gain God’s perspective on my problems and though I may not be able to solve them, I find what I need to endure and wait on God for the final outcome. I find hope. Sharing what I write enables me to touch the lives of others with the very same messages that God whispers to me personally, in my spiritual ears. The feedback I receive validates my personal experience and binds my heart with others whose wisdom and encouragement I also, treasure. Blogging is relational and in my mind, blogging is one of the best ways to share Jesus and come to know the hearts of other believers. After one hundred days of contemplating joy and sharing joy, I am greatly encouraged! Reaching for joy and sharing joy is the right prescription for good, spiritual health.

The Bible describes the joy of Jesus as inexpressible and I believe that to mean that I will never run out of messages to write about joy. Joy is the right attitude for believers in Christ and attitude relates to everything. I look forward to the next one hundred posts and Lord willing, hundreds more in the days to come. I have discovered so many new aspects of joy during the last four months and I hope you have too. Thank you for reading “”.



Crushed Joy

Pretty little girl, dressed up like a doll, beautiful living toy!

An accessory for her mother! A show-piece for her father!

Sent to her room when her childish wants began to annoy,

Sedated with alcohol, when her emotional needs bother;

This is the beginning of girl’s ending: The Crushing of Joy!


No longer useful to accessorize the attire of her mother,

Her alarming behavior stole all of her father’s crowing joy!

Blaming Joy for parenting sins and shaming Joy to smother,

All her memories of how they abused and ruined their toy!

Not abuse but love they said, as we are Mother and Father!

We know best, you beautiful doll, valuable to some old-boy,

Merchandised as a wife, he will free us from all this bother!

Guard your treasure, wait, and don’t fall for any love-ploy!

Pretty, dumb doll, you are merchandise! And nothing other!

Don’t dare to dream any bigger! Don’t knit a plan to employ,

To lift yourself higher! You’re nothing! Don’t outshine mother!

Our needs matter! Don’t shame father! Don’t be a kill-joy!


Then sweet-talker came, disguised as love a Raging Monster!

Shattering! Crushing! And pulverizing! He dismantled Joy!

Finishes work the parents began, then reaches for another

Doll toy to break; sullied merchandize to use and destroy!

Crushed! Never becoming! Battered doll that dared to bother!

This is that too often repeated sad tale: The Crushing of Joy!


Little girls treated as objects grow up to objectify themselves and be objectified by others. Parents who emotionally neglect and abuse their daughters, paint a bright red target on their backs that make them prime targets for men who enjoy using and abusing young women. Taught that abusive words and actions are love, they will accept abuse as love. Girls who have no self-value but in their physical appearance and no goals but the love of a man, will be victimized by men who have no regard for women as people. Daddy’s little doll will not see anything wrong in being used as a sex toy or in being valued as merchandise. Being taught that abuse is love, they will often love themselves by abuse, and become alcoholics, drug addicts, self-mutilators, and develop eating disorders. The greatest damage inflicted through child neglect and abuse is the lies taught about identity and self-value. False definitions of love drive them to set themselves up for further abuse by anyone who promises love.

There is no more evil act than to crush the joy of a child but abuse victims don’t have to accept their fate. Jesus can rebuild what sin destroys and Jesus can fully restore the joy of every abused little girl. Those who turn to Jesus in belief find true love. Love that respects, values, protects, and guides them to wholeness and an abundant life. It isn’t magic but a miracle that takes place over time, on a healing journey that is a process of becoming the women God intended them to be. Miracles are better than magic because magic is just a trick but miracles are real. Everything a girl-child loses when abused, Jesus restores. He is the One who can turn an upside down world right-side up and then bless crushed little girls seven-fold in the new world to come. No one, no matter how broken is beyond transformation in Christ Jesus. Through genuine faith and obedience broken dolls can become living miracles, with joy restored!






Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns

Every plant that grows and survives in the harsh environment of the desert produces thorns. The cactus is the fittest of those survivors and by brilliant adaptation to the conditions of the desert climate, the cactus clothe themselves in self-protective quills. Attiring themselves in sharp spines prevents them from being trampled and guards against animals stealing their water and eating them as food. Other plants produce stickers that ensure survival of their seed and a new generation of plants. Stickers enable the plants to spread their seed by sticking themselves on the feet and legs of other animals that tread over them. Their ability to stick also enables them to lodge in hard, dry ground and wait for the rainy season. Sometimes, that season doesn’t come for years at a time but the unpleasant nature of a sticker protects it from being eaten by even drought-starved animals and it patiently, waits for the rain. Though every plant in the desert has learned to survive the deadly climate by producing thorns, every plant in the desert is dependent upon the water from above, in the form of rain, to produce new life. Without that rain, the thorniest plant will die and if that rain is withheld for too long, all life perishes and nothing remains but dunes of blowing, shifting sand.

People are much like the cactus. In a world ruled by death, we have adapted best because it is our nature to adapt, survive, thrive, and rule over the natural world. In response to the harsh environment, we toughen ourselves and grow behavioral thorns of protection. This ability is inborn, part of our genetic code, and when used properly, a God-given method for surviving un-survivable conditions. However, people aren’t cactus. We can think and we can feel and our feelings have the power to distort our thinking and our thinking pervert what we feel. We are creative beings who by conscious adaptation to our circumstances develop many methods to survive and also, achieve personal pleasure and satisfaction. The thorns we create can become preferred methods of coping that we employ habitually and even become addicted to. All of the negative characteristics God designed in us to be used in extreme circumstances become the norm, a maladaptive way of life. Protection turns vengeful and poisonous; thorns that no longer protect life but inflict needless pain and death. Without God people turn to themselves for wisdom and find only, sin which bears the sting of death. “Romans 1:29-31 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.” By these sinful thorns, people seek to preserve themselves but instead, inflict pain and death on themselves and others. Everyone who judges their brothers and sisters according to their thorns, produce the very same thorns themselves. Though by them we adapt to survive and thrive in the world created by human beings, we are unable to achieve Eternal life and life sustaining joy because our adaptation to sin is sin and sin produces more death. We naturally, reach for death to overcome death but what we need is life.

Jesus wore our sins as a crown of thorns and carried them to the cross. Jesus lived in the same harsh world that you and I live in but He never produced a single thorn. He relied on God for survival and not on human cunning. Jesus didn’t rely on sin to keep him safe or to achieve the things he desired. Jesus always reached for Life in the face of Death but in obedience bore our sins and died so we could be set free from sin and the death that sin brings. It was the sin of Adam and Eve that altered the life-sustaining world created by God and filled it with death; when they decided to be gods rather than obey the God who made them. It is Jesus, as the Second Adam, who is bringing the rule of Death to an end by sacrificing Himself, dying to sin, and then taking up His life to live again. He conquered death and in the age to come, He will vanquish death and sin will no longer sting. Thorns and stickers have no place in the new world to come.

Jesus is spiritual, life-sustaining water that produces new- life in the thorniest human beings. This water comes first from above and then bubbles up into a perpetual spring of life-sustaining joy in the hearts of those who embrace Jesus by faith. Even though, the world remains in a spiritual drought and thorns remain as a natural part of human defense, those who belong to Jesus don’t need them to survive. It is God who protects us in this dying world and it is God who enables us to survive the world without becoming like it. Though in our flesh, we will still struggle with the sting of both our own sins and the sins of others, Jesus is the antidote that prevents their poison from destroying us. By prayer, confession, and supplication Jesus removes each thorn and gives us His grace to endure those thorns that won’t be removed until we enter the Kingdom. Though in our bodies we bear many afflictions produced by the sting of Death, in our spirits we have eternal life in Jesus. We gain victory over the thorns of sin when in the face of Death we reach for Life!

Romans 4:7-8 “Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”