No Joy Found on the Garden Path

No one wants to be a fool but foolishness lives in every heart. It crouches and waits in the corners of the mind watching for an opportunity to pounce. We never outgrow it and it is in those times when we are tired, lonely, in pain, or in any way weakened in spirit, that sin beckons us down the proverbial “Garden Path” to personal disaster. Though the promises are pleasant there is no joy, at any age, found on the garden path of sin.


A Stroll on the Garden Path

Weary but much too restless for a nap…

I went a strolling down the garden path…

Headed aimlessly by careless choosing…

Never considering myself a silly sap…

My life was carefree, everything a laugh!

Sure I was a winner, I was really loosing…

Wandering in garden path’s fateful trap…

Meandering my time, didn’t do the math…

Walking a daydream, wakeful snoozing…

Didn’t care, didn’t wear thinking cap!

God watched but I didn’t do my half;

Into disaster, for-a-bruising- cruising!

Heart unguarded, sin began to tap…

Life now charted on a downhill graph!

Begin to stagger as someone boozing!


End of wooing garden path’s soothing;

Sorrowful exiting chosen garden path…


There’s no sap like an old sap! I thought that by the time I reached my current age, I’d have it all together. I dreamed I’d be wise, gentle, kind and no longer prone to follow the foolishness of my heart. I thought the “Garden Path” would no longer lure me astray through wrong-headed desire. The reality is that we never outgrow the propensity toward sin and I need Jesus at 59, just as badly as I needed Him, when I met Him, at 19. I am still learning, growing, and sometimes, stumbling. Jesus is still helping me up, brushing me off, and setting me back on the Way. Wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes by grace, when we refuse the beckoning of the heart and follow Jesus. Knowledge is power and wisdom is God’s power applied when we heed His small still voice inside. Love is His graceful action to rescue us when we fail, no matter how young or old we are. How thankful I am for Jesus, the author and the keeper of my joy!


24 thoughts on “No Joy Found on the Garden Path

  1. “Wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes by grace”
    And age? How very young compared to “When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun.”
    Graduation day is nearer now than when we first begun. Lord be praised!

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    1. Trying…a little mad at myself for not following my own rules…not that I did anything that terrible but I have high standards…I’m better today than yesterday and I’ll be much better tomorrow. Love you.

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  2. Loved this line, “Wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes by grace”
    I’ve always despised the “wisdom comes with age” line. What naive nonsense! 😉

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  3. Your beginning line caught my attention. There really is foolishness in every heart, no matter the age. It is called fallibility of humans. That is why we need to learn and above all love ourselves enough to forgive our own follies.

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    1. Yes, accept what we are and reach for God’s help. That is when we function as we were designed. We can’t be like God because we are human but without God, we become less than human. If not for Jesus, foolishness would be the only inhabitant of my heart…


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