With an innocent look so clean-cut and so nice

By smooth-flowing-words-to-tempt-and-entice

He draws his followers lured into traps like mice!

Luring them in once and then snaring them twice

By trickery he lock-chains his victims down thrice

Mostly women; and all his followers pay the price

Of no intellectual freedom and all sex-favors nice

Leave all behind! Come live with me in paradise!

Truth-sounding-Godly-words most useful to entice


Break them down once by degrading them twice

All-serve-Me-now-or-I’ll- bury-all-of-you-thrice!

Don’t heed False Prophet when he lures to entice.

There are many false prophets in the United States today. While most of us don’t understand how people are led away by them, they are adept at sniffing out the vulnerable and all of us are sometimes, vulnerable. From television hucksters, to polygamist cults, to Moonies, and online dooms-dayers, all of them have one thing in common: a strong leader that seats himself in the place of God. Mini-cults also, form around teachers and other strong personalities in churches, though most involved would never think of their situation that way. Anytime, we allow another person to place themselves between us and God, we’ve fallen victim to a false prophet. Many of them set dates for the rapture, promise health, wealth, and prosperity and even create their own scripture, but it isn’t false doctrine that exposes them. It is the lack of spiritual fruit that marks them as false because no amount of deception can build love, joy, peace, hope, and self-control into the character of a human being. They won’t point others toward Christ but only, point to themselves. They are spiritual abusers and no different from any other abusive controller. Beware of them and don’t allow them to enslave your joy.





16 thoughts on “Joy-Enslaving-False-Prophet

    1. I chose this old Roman portrait of a young Caesar to illustrate how far that can be taken. Many historians believe they maintained power in Rome by becoming the first Popes. We are returning full circle and the false prophets today are only a shadow of the final one to come and rule in the place of God, over the final global empire.

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      1. Yes, I agree. I think that statement (about someone between us and God) works on so many levels too – I found it easy as a young Christian to look to my pastors/elders etc. rather than fully develop my personal link with Jesus. I soon found this doesn’t work as , also being human, they soon “fell from their pedestals”. I learnt my faith had to be direct between me and God. (That’s not to say of course that it’s not helpful to get advise and in put from other Christians, it’s just our faith must be soundly rooted in God not them.) I think you are right that things will probably get worse in this respect, but faith founded on the rock cannot be misled. Blessings!

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      1. Yes, I don’t want to blame victims but empower them. There are all kinds of reasons why people will look to another human being as a mediator between them and God. The truth is we don’t need them but people want to be able to touch and see God so they imagine Him in others and there the abuser is ready to take advantage.

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