Ode to Roseburg


Something happened on the other day!

Something so difficult for me to relate.

Something that I recognize as tragedy.

Nothing can be changed or time repay;

Nothing now can be done to alleviate;

Nothing humanly transforms tragedy.

Anything I hope or I can possibly say,

Anything directed at redirecting fate,

Anything given can’t reverse tragedy.

Everything I beg for and all that I pray,

Everything regretted, sorrowing state,

Everything’s not adequate for tragedy.

Someone; Several died the other day!

Someone burning with bigoted hate;

Someone with a gun made a tragedy.

No one could stop or his hatred stay,

No one capable of altering evil’s fate,

No one prevented murderous tragedy.

Anyone naming Jesus was blown away!

Anyone with faith riled his mental state,

Anyone his bigotry destined for tragedy.

Everyone! We are entering another day!

Everyone! Listen before it’s far too late!

Everyone! All are victims of the tragedy!


Only One can prevent another dark day.

Only One can shift heart’s defiling hate.

Only One can transform human tragedy.

The One can answer when all of us pray.

The One can alter American’s sad state.

The One can save us from more tragedy.

Only One Name which begins a new day.

Only One Name over-rides death’s fate.

Only One Name brings a Light to tragedy.

All-As-One bowing, confess, and all pray!

All-As-One pleading for mercy not hate!

All-As-One be faithful in spite of tragedy,

Honor the innocents who died that day.









12 thoughts on “Ode to Roseburg

  1. “Great astounding piece! This was absolutely brilliant, genius, outstanding. It was remarkably enlightening and perfectly worded!”


    1. Hi Vincent, Thank you for your comment. May we honor those who died by seeking unity in Christ. I’m sorry for not responding sooner. Somehow, your comment went to spam. God bless and keep you.


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