By His Right Arm


I Am standing, suffering self-contained.

Perpendicular to mankind’s reason;

Gazing over the vast expanse of time;

My vengeance is self- constrained!

Directing each and every season;

Toward the right conclusion of time;

In spite of the evil I left unrestrained!

Reclaiming all that I lost to treason;

Limit it to time, time, and half a time!

I leave My holy righteousness ingrained,

In children’s hearts, Spirit infusion!

Freeing them all from the prison of time;

Until Death’s sting I have fully contained;

Ending forever the universal confusion,

When by man Death began marking time;

Dispelling every deadly, strong delusion!

Of mortal human gods unrestrained;

Honor the One standing outside of time!

Omnipotent, perpendicular to our reason,

Jesus’ shed blood cleansing all sin stained!

God’s benevolent grace, saving age in time;

By My right arm! Defy age of human reason!

I Am standing, suffering self-contained.



15 thoughts on “By His Right Arm

  1. Because He is strong we can be weak, because we are week, then we are strong – from His pain He gives us strength. Beautiful Savior! I have a tin ear with poetry, but I may beginning to catch the rhythm – maybe –

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    1. My grandmother was a poet and she raised me on poetry. It is my native language.:0) We think a lot about our suffering but how often do we consider the pain of God’s long-suffering? Still, He loves us and is mighty to save!

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      1. I often think about the amount of pain the church puts Him through – I put Him through. I think deeply about that and it reminds me of so much! It takes my thoughts off in a myriad of directions at once – all leading back to being on my knees in front of Him again asking forgiveness for my selfishness that I too often try to minimize. To be forgiven and have a guilty conscience and feel guilty for having a guilty conscience when He has done everything to take my guilt away! O wretched man that I am, who will save me from this body of death! Thank God for Jesus Christ!

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