Joy and the Black-Bird

Happily married forever and eternally it seemed;

Duty bound to fidelity, too mature for temptation;

Seeing the completion and death of all Joy dreamed,

Joy lost herself in reverie, deep spirit contemplation,

Denying her utter aloneness even when it screamed!

Old women don’t need love that is mostly sensation!

These things Joy told herself, this reality Joy deemed;

Ignoring those thoughts that caused Joy any hesitation.


He appeared! A tiny black-bird, lighting on Joy’s shoulder!

Suddenly! Singing many sweet songs Joy had forgotten!

Buried feelings arose, living! His love songs grew bolder!

Emotional flood! Youth’s soft wrapping red-silk-cotton…

Wake up! With resolve of sanity, Joy bid heart,” Be colder!”

Wisdom’s warning: What’s sweet conceals what’s rotten!

Blissful dream of youth Joy had couldn’t beckon any golder!

So Joy gave herself to the fantasy knowing she shouldn’t otten…

Proof that sin’s reach is long, even when we’ve grown older;

Destroyed happiness, dreams blowing like Arizona wild cotton!

Sin’s temptation came by denial of Joy’s feelings left to smolder.


No matter how many years we live, no matter how mature we become in Christ, and no matter how many sins we’ve struggled against and achieve victory over, the inner war against sin is never over until we leave this present world. The sins we conquer never completely leave us but crouch in the dark corners of the mind waiting for an opportunity to pounce. Denying negative feelings and emotional needs instead of taking them to the Father for filling, can give opportunity to temptation. We are most vulnerable when we perceive ourselves as invulnerable and beyond temptation. Pride is a faulty replacement for honest reliance upon God. Every born-again saint is still also, a sinner and no sinner/saint is capable of living a holy life when depending upon self. Only by inner-vigilance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, and daily washing in the Word, is any believer able to accomplish the purpose predestined for us in Christ and avoid falling captive to the sins that beset everyone.


16 thoughts on “Joy and the Black-Bird

    1. Yes it is! I’m not Joy but I know if I’m not mindful of my spiritual walk, I could do something that foolish, even if I don’t think I ever would. I’ve seen other folks fall who I never thought would do such things…

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