Joyous Love From Heaven

It all began in nineteen hundred and seventy seven;

She was young and beautiful, his desert fox he said;

His luminous blue eyes! God’s answer from Heaven!

Love began to spin! Entwining God’s binding thread,

Time flying, they found themselves at year eleven;

With two children and the struggle for daily bread;

This small family sustained by manna from Heaven!

Stable through all things that fill minds with dread;

Children grown-n- gone, arriving year twenty-seven!

Financial woes, arguments, decisions, and sick-bed;

Vows remaining firm by love in spite of sin’s leaven!

Lovers still bound forever entwined by faith thread!

Gray hair, sagging skin, is it really year thirty-seven?

(Still holding hands, she is now his silver fox he said;

His luminous blue eyes of joyous love from Heaven)

Add one Hon! It’s thirty-eight! How fast years sped!

Lord willing, still loving until one hundred and seven!


Dedicated to my devoted, loving husband of 37-going-on-38 years.





14 thoughts on “Joyous Love From Heaven

    1. And that’s a sad thing. My marriage is the greatest blessing of my life, one I wrestled for with all of my might, and nothing refines a human being like love, sacrifice, and the commitment to endure the long haul. I’m happy to say that this poem is my reality.:0)

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