Open to Joy!

Insular safety, closed off in cavernous refuge;

My hiding place, my home, it’s the natural me;

Needing no one! I’m cuddling in this lie so huge;

Self-imposing my isolation; refusing to be free;

Once it was good reason; year of pain deluge:

Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain!

Terrible bell! Agony’s relentless knell tolling!

Now, clanging stopped but left memory stain;

Lick the wounds; all the while days keep rolling;

Forgotten, moribound isolation finding no gain;

Satiate isolation fed on old memories re-rolling;

Disconnect! This torturous clanging, re- tolling!

Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lone! Lo…

As Holy Spirit wind gusts! Window flies open!

Joyously! As sunshine floods self-incarceration!

Lighting dark corners, revealing all left broken;

As song birds soothe away my need for isolation;

Paving way for hearing His trust Words spoken!

A shattered soul’s reconnection with His Creation;

Heaven’s bells sing! As a new song begins ringing!

Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy! Love! Joy!

Heart wounds fester; mortify in cave-like isolation;

Healing starts when lonely hearts pry open to joy!






9 thoughts on “Open to Joy!

    1. Yes, you did. It’s the heart of grieving that turns to depression that can turn into a way of life. This is one of my besetting sins.
      Poetry is an expression of what the writer thinks and feels but abstract enough to reflect what the reader thinks and feels so, your interpretation is always correct even, if you only scratch your head and wonder.:0)

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