Stormy mood clouds roll in and darken his demeanor, Like rolling thunder he begins to mumble dire warnings, Lightening-like words strike randomly, zapping everyone Who dares to come too near or carelessly, crosses his path; Then the storm intensifies and builds into all consuming rage; He becomes a maniacal mad-man, a wrathful anger machine, Hurting, … More Raging-Joy-Crusher

Ode to Roseburg

  Something happened on the other day! Something so difficult for me to relate. Something that I recognize as tragedy. Nothing can be changed or time repay; Nothing now can be done to alleviate; Nothing humanly transforms tragedy. Anything I hope or I can possibly say, Anything directed at redirecting fate, Anything given can’t reverse … More Ode to Roseburg

Joy Is Not Virtual

A glittering net of virtual technology has draped itself over us and binds us all together. A new kind of world is born; part reality, part fantasy, filled with all the hopes and dreams of humanity and therefore, rife with sin. The virtual world is us and we are it. It is the collective consciousness … More Joy Is Not Virtual

Distortions of Joy

Words matter. All knowledge and wisdom is contained in words. With our words we either build up or tear down. Relationships are strengthened or torn apart by our words. A parent’s words teach children who they are and how to relate to the world. Loving words increase joy and hateful words increase discouragement. Words matter … More Distortions of Joy

Sweet Dreams’ Blessed Purpose

Softly dreaming, in various shades of lavender… Silver threads drifting on long forgotten streams… The ebbing dark tides of midnight consciousness… Unravel day-dreams in downy sighs of tranquility… Release ambition in stages of peaceful surrender… Forgetfulness clouds rising in cleansing steams… Seeking deepest depths of total unconsciousness… Thus enabling reparative sleep’s restoring ability… Eyes shift … More Sweet Dreams’ Blessed Purpose