The Refuge

Emerald leaves full of life transformed into rubies and gold have all fallen; leaving bare, grey branches shivering in the wind. The cold hard ground connects with freezing air putting the atmosphere in deep freeze. Black storm clouds are building on every horizon, moving to meet overhead and collide in an epic storm, like no … More The Refuge

Joyous Rest

Empowerment entwined in purple stems of lavender, growing on the east side of the old, grey wash house. Expertly cut and crushed to fill heart-shaped sachets’, then tucked beneath my pillow to assure restful dreams between lightly starched sheets sprinkled with rain-water. Moon beams filtered through sheer white Pricilla curtains, to guide my thoughts toward … More Joyous Rest

Joyful Machination

Precipitate an illusion, from the mists of imagination; Foggy machinations, finely tempered to rhyme, It is Art! An oft repeated thought given new reflection, Meaning locked inside, released in perfect time! Artists are mad-men, leading thought in a new direction; Tantalizing! Light then dark, bordering on crime! Meanderings in crimson, trimmed with lacey perfection; Word … More Joyful Machination

Joy on the Ragged Edge

Tired thoughts; scattered dust drifting in the air; Denied a refuge from life’s ragged edge; White knuckled in the now; possibilities nowhere! Time’s pounding beat battering sledge; Constant pain; relentless torturer doesn’t care! Relationship split by prideful wedge; Everyone’s looking for something! Life isn’t fair! Confusion leaves truth on sanity’s edge; Stress and exhaustion coupled; … More Joy on the Ragged Edge

Joy Waits on God

I am war-weary, in need of a furlough, and awaiting an honorable discharge. I am battle-hardened but this war is long; it has been raging for centuries, filling the earth with blood. My enemy is a deceptive predator who sometimes, weakens me by sneaking into my thoughts. You see, I once fought on his side, … More Joy Waits on God