Lift Up Jesus!

Jesus lifted up; suffered to obey; crucified!

Laying down His life; and picking it back up!

Servant to God and man; for love He died!

Who among men might dare drink His Cup?

Sacrificial lamb; offered for those who lied!

Naked; bleeding; innocent; for sin lifted up!

Wounded to heal all wounds; Abba He cried!

(In deepest dark agony, sipping the last sup)

Why have your forsaken me? And then died!

Day went black! Earth shook! Veil ripped up!

The disciples, the Mary’s mourned and cried!

This truth, His-story when Jesus was lifted up;

So all people might look up to Christ and live!

Reborn, made new by His life giving sacrifice!

To God and others, by God’s Will, Love to give,

Daily testifying, lifting Jesus by praise sacrifice!

Obediently, lift Jesus so all might look and live!

In humility, live a quiet life, honor His sacrifice!

Receive peace, joy, hope, His divine love to give:

“For if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.”






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