Dusty Joy

Every day believers are exposed to a plethora of information, an overwhelming amount of data to process. It is becoming harder to decipher truth from fiction and genuine faith from deception. Christianity is rapidly changing due to the internet and many who name Jesus aren’t known by Him. His name is used to disguise ideas opposed to Biblical teaching and unbiblical agendas. The digital age makes it easy to package any counterfeit in an eye-pleasing manner to lure in unwary consumers. Beautiful memes containing a veneer of truth conceal subtle lies that subliminally entice believers’ away from the narrow path and rob non-believers of true saving faith in Jesus Christ. Bible verses pulled out of context and used as toothpicks to support man-made theologies is an old trick of deception that is highly effective in this era of too much information and too little wisdom. Even born-again believers, considered to be spiritually mature can be temporarily deceived when they neglect daily washing in the Word and spiritually collect the dust of human words and wisdom. The joy of Jesus is diminished when not properly nourished and no other diet suffices for spiritual health and a right spiritual attitude of joy than daily feeding on God’s Word. Even digital Bibles get dusty when set aside and ignored and no matter the advances of technology, the true source of wisdom hasn’t changed. Don’t settle for substandard spiritual truth; test the spirits by comparing every word written about Jesus (including mine) to the divine truth of the Bible.

Dear believer, if your joy seems distant and you are discouraged, confused; click the link that takes you to divine truth and away from the digital dust-storm of deception. Align your heart, mind, and actions with the Words of the Bible, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and bathe in the pure light of Jesus. Rejoice as the dust and dirt of human wisdom is filtered away; and find strength to endure this deceptive, abusive age, in the sure, future promises of God. Give your joy a daily dusting. Cling to Jesus! Hold on! He is returning soon!

9 thoughts on “Dusty Joy

  1. This truth lies at the core of every spectrum and yet the technological delusions have taken a toll over what is the truth and what is told. I hope more people would imbibe what you just expounded up there. Good one, Pam. I’ll call this a very noble post.

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    1. Thank you, sweetheart. I think our global culture is loosing our footing in walking the line between fantasy and reality. It gets kind of scary sometimes. We’ve allowed technology get ahead of the morality we need to use it wisely.

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  2. Amen. I figured out part of my problem a few weeks back. New phone. Kept saying every day I need to get the You version Bible app and my devotionals on it but kept putting it off. Now I have them on my new phone and reading them I am back to feeling joy.

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    1. Hi Rob, There’s nothing that replaces the source. I’m encouraged by the faith of genuine believers in their writing but it doesn’t replace time spent with God reading the Bible. I’m glad your joy is back. God bless.:0)

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