Jesus Shepherds My Heart

Many things I hoped for; things I thought would be,

And still longed for; settled deep into the sediment,

On the bottom of my “River of Forgotten Dreams” .

Days rolling, pounding youthful aspirations of glee,

Into haunting memories; lost in regretful rudiment;

Hazy days in deep flowing purple ambition streams;

New rain! Emotions flood-rush! Setting sludge free…

Temptation calling revived desire; plots defilement;

Set to trap settled content in heavy guilt schemes;

My Merciful Master designed a better plan for me;

Grace intervened! Rescued from sin’s impediment!

Not abandoned in my “River of Forgotten Dreams”.

Jesus shepherds my heart so sin won’t destroy me!









7 thoughts on “Jesus Shepherds My Heart

  1. Wow what a powerful poem. I imagine as we get older, regret can easily embitter us. Feeling a bit of it and I’m just in my thirties. But like your poem pointed out our Merciful Master has a better blessed plan for me. So grateful for His Sovereignty.

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    1. I don’t think personal ambitions ever go away even when subjected willingly to God for His better purpose, old dreams remain. We never outgrow human vanity and we never outgrow the tendency to be tempted through our desires. I am very thankful for my dear Shepherd who keeps me from wondering off after them and falling prey to the enemy. Eternally grateful.:0)

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