Singing the Song of Moses

God watches over His children and fights against those who try to destroy us.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

993804dced3e8163533c804474e07538Father just as they sang in the days of Moses, so we as your people will sing the same, for we will sing unto You, O Lord our God, for You are worthy to be praised.

Father God, we thank You, for You will and will continue from now until all has been said and done triumph over Your enemies.

Father, by Your Spirit, You triumphed gloriously over Pharaoh and all who came against Your by drowning them into the Red Sea once Your people had safely crossed over to the other side.

Lord God Almighty, You are our Strength and Song, for You are the God of our Salvation, and we will prepare a place in our hearts just for You through praise and worshipping You for who You are.

You are, O Lord, the God of War, and Your Name is El Gibor, our Ruling and Reigning Champion and our…

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