Give Thanks in all Things!

Father, thank you for allowing the darkness in my life

So, I might recognize Your Son Jesus as the true Light!

Revealing the evil works that fill the world with strife;

Daddy, thank you! For rescuing me from evil’s night!

Your Son died for me and translated my death to life!


Father, thank you for the cruelty, animosity, and hate

That sent me running toward your Kindness and Love!

Jesus, opened the Door my sin shut, changed my fate!

Daddy, thank you! For Grace intervening from above;

My adoption in Jesus that ended my orphaned state!


Father, thank you for sorrow, pain, and constant war

That keeps me turning back to you for joy and peace!

The Righteousness of Jesus in the place of sin’s mar!

Daddy, thank you! For restoration and inner peace!

Shepherd keeps me close; won’t let me stray too far!


Father, thank You for placing me within Your Kingdom!

Forgiving me and placing me in Your new world to come!

Through Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Ruler of Your Kingdom!

Daddy, thank you! I sing, dance, and beat on my holy drum!

Faith, Joy, Hope, and Peace! Spirit Heralds of your Kingdom!


Thank you, Father! I rejoice! You are All in all things!




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