Indigo Sorrow Saffron Joy

In the midst of a saffron reverie, my tissue paper dreams caught on fire!

Blazing in hot red-orange bravery! Then scattered swirly- ash funeral pyre;

Settled in an indigo mood unsavory; like a leaden December sky’s icy mire;

Mourning rose colored art knavery, which only joy of pure hope sets afire!

Sweet lavender prose mean slavery, to they who Wisdom’s words desire,

Pure white ideals more than savory; expressions of guiding light to inspire!

And apply in earthly browns every, Holy Heavenly thought worthy to aspire!

Rhapsody rainbows of intense reverie, words meant to change world’s attire.


11 thoughts on “Indigo Sorrow Saffron Joy

  1. Pam, if this has to do with pursuing poetry over prose, here is my reaction – you do well in writing prose and poetry. Your poetic prose stays with me though, such as, your post on thorns and post on the gathering storm.

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    1. Thank you, Maria. I don’t want to write useless words but truth-filled words. Writing truth comes with a cost. I am in the process of counting the cost. Thank you for your Christ-like love and support Maria. God bless.

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      1. Praying then that the Lord will give you your heart’s desire, to stand!
        Thank you for encouraging me, Pam!

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