New Wind Blowing

I am Arizona red cotton blowing in the wind… Not knowing where I will land… Or what I will become, or if I shall transcend; If I’ll be lowly; or if I’ll be grand… When the wind lies still and I shall descend, Planted anew in this arid land… Gentle rains come! On you I … More New Wind Blowing

Sonoran Whisper

Delight in the whisper of a warm Sonoran breeze! Conveying its secret of an early spring; Conical hills don green velvet despite lacking trees; Song the bright Red Cardinal does sing, Rejoicing in Saguaro’s flowered crown prophecies! Barren land to bloom, colors amazing! Yellows and reds and purples; every hue to please The Snow Bird’s … More Sonoran Whisper

La Vida Gusta!

Fruit of joy dependably feeds the faithful, In hungry times, of gloomy sorrow; Joy ripens yellow, fully satiates, is mirthful, When a happy day rises on the ‘morrow! Ebony drift away! Smoke memory; wistful; Today is Today! I won’t from past borrow Memory’s mood; Trouble ever wakeful… Banished by bliss! Saved for a tomorrow; A … More La Vida Gusta!

Undistorted Joy

Words that pour from a fractured, patched together heart, Sometimes, fly in a hailing storm of bullets! Fired randomly in fear! When a threat today echoes in the echoes of the traumas of the past; Triggering an emotional storm; driving the broken one to posture in self-defense; Paranoid and in confusion, vainly trying to prevent yesterday’s … More Undistorted Joy

Be Lifted!

Father, lift me above the conflict of ideology: Religion, philosophy, politics; the confusion When cultures collide and beast-like biology Brings out the worst in us; human delusion; Organized in the ‘isms, schisms, psychology Of division; the back-biting hate transfusion; That limits You to our limited understanding. Father, lift me upward! Where Your eternal Values transcend … More Be Lifted!

Love’s Balance

Lord? I only want these simple things: I want Peace. Not war. Love not hate. A long life to be lived in a happy state; Let me know the contentment joy brings!   But Lord? What I get are complications, Needless drama, manufactured misery! Stress! And I pay with anxiety, as usury; Subtracts from joy, … More Love’s Balance

Joyfully, I Fly Away!

Brrrr! Baby it is cold outside! The beauty of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains has a down side. How blessed this old bird is to fly south! I am trading these ice-bound mountains and bare grey branches in for the rainbow landscape with low mountains covered in green velvet found only in Arizona. I’m leaving snow … More Joyfully, I Fly Away!

The Center-Piece

At the center of everything: a tiny, baby boy. On His small shoulders, rests the assignment of the greatest mission ever known: the destruction of evil and the creation of world peace, with brotherhood, and goodwill toward men. Born as no one the world recognizes as having any power, this small baby is destined to turn … More The Center-Piece