Joy in Digital Wonderland

Here I sit securely, in my comfy chair;

All the world’s evil resting lightly on my lap;

Scrolling, clicking, typing, liking, and un-liking!

Deeply embroiled in the war of ideas; wondering;

When it was that the lines of reality blurred? A trap

Door in my mind opened; my peace fell floundering,

Sucked out in the endless vacuum of negative…krap!

Invented by caberos with too much time on their hands!

Evil day dreams; testosterone imaginings! All squandering

Youthful strength and vigor, in digital war-like insanity snap!

What is it I’m doing here? How did I fall down this rabbit hole?

Joy set on a mission to strengthen and enlighten; now meandering;

Joy in Digital Wonderland! Tweeting those joyful tweets about Jesus!

He is the Only true Light; shining bright from centuries past; Life’s hope

His Love remaining; He still saves! Pursuing all lost caberos , work shirking!

Who need a new purpose, guidance, direction, a straightened path to walk!

This is the reason, the mission of Christ that makes discomfort less troubling;

Replenish faith ! An ambassador of Christ, carrying joy to this dark Wonderland;

As I sit securely, in my comfy chair with the world’s evil and hope sitting on my lap?






16 thoughts on “Joy in Digital Wonderland

    1. I’m not much of an unliker…I took poetic license.:0) There is a lot of angst and anger online that can certainly diminish one’s joy. The point of the poem is having a right focus.:0)


  1. You never cease to inspire me.
    How right and true you are! The lines are easily muddled and mixed, confusing right, truth and reason with selfishness, sensuality, and stupidity.
    I find myself reading posts and become amazed at where the arrow of intent points: Often to the writers themselves.
    A powerful medium and purposeful art form has become obliterated with self, only to be reasoned as one’s “therapy” or “release” or “expression”.
    And so the spiral continues, swooping its descent into hell, without the “writer” ever realizing their path leads only to madness.

    And so, I applaud your intersecting lines of grace, truth, and sound mind.
    As the greatest Teacher once said, “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
    Think not that your efforts are in vain. For surely God sees and knows; and the seeds sown share produce fruit upon fertile soils.

    Shalom, Pam.

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    1. We are born self-centered and the purpose of life is to bloom and unfold away from that tight knot of self. We are living in a time when too many buds fail to open and they can’t blossom without the Son. Artists are to reflect God’s Truth into the culture and help maintain its health. Without the True message, artists are only, craftsmen and their creations are lifeless, worthless images of self. You inspire me too, Jacob. You have amazing talent but I love your work because it offers the strength of integrity. God bless you always, in fulfilling your calling.

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    1. No, I don’t participate in angry debating either. Sometimes, people create fantasy people out of the people they meet online to fill a void in their life. Then things can turn sour. I can’t control what others imagine in me but I can set boundaries on my own expectations.


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