Joy for the Broken!

Sharpened shards of shattered thought do haunt;

Twisting perception, by imagination into madness;

Deflecting sanity and chanting the same old taunt;

Removing all superfluous hope and joy in gladness!

Don’t peer long into the darkness; evil’s eyes gaunt!

Disease does spread! Infecting hearts with sadness;

Manufactured misery; malignancy; it produces want;

Woe to the child raised in such black-holed madness!

Inheriting the wind in the brokenness and the haunt,

Of past generations, all ownership of future madness!

Do you hear it? The Devil’s gleeful and jeering taunt?

Destroying good, tainting childish hearts by madness!

This is his goal: Destroy them by generational haunt!

Only, Truth can break the cycling of abuse sadness!

By one mind at a time and re-writing life in new font;

Upright sanity found in Christ, He restores gladness!

Enlightens! Shines bright in dark eyes emptied haunt,

By ancestral ghosts, trapped in hereditary madness!

Jesus is the Way to end mad jeers, every devil taunt!

Heals sick minds by His Truth; Rejoice with gladness!

As old ghosts die and God’s Love fills all inner want!

Joy for the broken in Jesus! Truth ends the madness!



19 thoughts on “Joy for the Broken!

  1. Yes God does heal the broken hearted, Pam the abused and all those who suffer persecution, the circumstances may not change but He gives them the strength to endure and heals the bad memories, yes He even removes the scares.

    I have been badly abused in my life but God healed me and I remember now without pain and even in the hard times I have inner Joy even with tears in my eyes because I know God will work it all out for good and will give me what is needed to keep me Strong to the end.

    I was thinking about Jesus and how not just the Elders or Leaders and the Pharisees but even His family called Him mad, such an easy word to label someone when they seem different but the Truth Jesus spoke was confirmed in Scripture and His Divinity too as part of The Godhead or Trinity as we call Them today and yes those who called Him mad and rejected Him were proven to be wrong but I wonder if they ever understood why they called Him mad, of course we know it was because they didn’t understand God’s Truth even though they thought they did, They didn’t have the Holy Spirit. 1Corinthins 2:9-16

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    1. I grew up with mentally ill parents who were abusive because of their illnesses. I suffered severe anxiety and depression as a result. It was truth both in divine form in the Bible and factual truth in facing myself and the trauma of my past that helped me rewire my thinking and heal my mind. Truth set me free. Mental illness has both genetic and environmental components that I believe are intertwined. Truth helped me untangle the madness and find sanity. I wasn’t labeling anyone. Abusive people sane or insane will use any disparaging method they can to maintain control of their victims. I would have to write another post about that. I’m glad you also, found healing in Christ. God bless.

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      1. I wish it were more uncommon but it isn’t. There is nothing healthy family members (at least in my state) can do when a loved one is mentally ill and refuses to take a responsibility. The only hope is for them to commit a serious crime and get help in prison. The children suffer the most and are highly, likely to also, develop mental illnesses.

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      2. I understand the pain of Abuse and I’m sorry you too have suffered this Pam, to save detail here I will leave a link for you about mine.

        Childhood –

        Yes it is wonderful to no longer feel the fear I lived with as a child and when I was an Atheist at least in my head not my heart or I would still be one but the main thing that I was looking for in those days was to be wanted and Loved and searching for it lead to more heartache until Jesus rescued me.

        Blessings – Anne.

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  2. This is so beautifully written and I can feel every emotion you penned. You have overcome the pain of abuse with Gods help. Thanks for sharing your faith.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Pam. This is wonderfully written and as you have written to me before we definitely do share a lot in common. I do not know if you have seen the movie Joshua, but there is a scene I that comes to mine when I think of being broken, in the scene a woman takes a glass vase and throws it and it shatters, she then tells Joshua that is her broken and useless. Later she is given a gift left to her by Joshua, he had taken the broken glass and turned it into something beautiful. I see Jesus doing that with us all He takes the broken pieces of our lives and creates His beauty in us. God bless you Pam. Love n prayers Julie


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