Never-you-mind what I said the other day;

While I do this, you-all look the other way!

Better yet, you-all close your eyes to pray,

As I watch seeking an opportunity to prey,

On the little guy; all know I’m here to stay!

On this you can depend, I’ll not walk away!

Political games are what I just love to play!

You need ME to keep our enemies at bay!

Don’t you listen to what truth-sayers say!

Naiveté isn’t relevant to the world today;

Crafty gray lies; this is the diplomatic way,

To achieve peace, keeps all poverty away!

No right or wrong, black or white, all gray,

Depends on political winds blowing today!

So, never-mind what I said the other day,

Remember you need ME, I’m here to stay!







21 thoughts on “Self-Serving-Joy-Faker

    1. Proverbs are very helpful when making hard choices and Psalms are good for every trial and fear. I like Job a lot too and the Prophetic books. When I first became a Christian the Prophetic books made little sense to me but now, they speak to me so clearly. We grow into scripture. It’s a marvelous thing.


    1. There’s no hope in politics, that’s for sure…:0( Thank you for the compliment. I wrote a lot of poetry as a teenager and then set it aside until last summer. Now, I don’t know why I stopped. I love your poetry too.

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      1. I know it’s a hard time of year, memories, and high expectations make things difficult. Winter is very hard for me. If my writing goes way far south, you’ll know I’ve been locked in too long. Isolation tests my faith and my joy, sometimes. Writing usually, helps me stay above it. I’m praying for you.

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  1. You have good pictures for your posts; how do you find them?

    By the way good poem. I think you captured it well the self-serving joy faker.
    My favorite line is the opening: “Never-you-mind what I said the other day; While I do this, you-all look the other way!”

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    1. I just use google. I use old classics. The ones I use for my ‘poetic profiles’ are from the thirties art deco period. They are wonderful. I look at them and they tell me what to write.:0) I think God allows politics as a visual of evil…there are very few good people who can survive that game with morality in tact. They promise to provided what only God can provide and we do ourselves no good when we look to them for answers.

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